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Dr Scott Turner offers a comprehensive range of non-surgical treatments to enhance and improve on your natural beauty and appearance.

  • Non-surgical skin procedures involve little to no discomfort. Our treatments at most, a topical numbing cream or a small injection.
  • After most non-surgical treatments patients can go back to work immediately, the same day.
  • Risks with non-surgical procedures are limited to minor bruising and swelling.
  • Because non-surgical treatments are temporary and do not involve removing skin, muscle or bone, the results can be adjusted as your face changes with time.
  • Non-surgical treatments are performed in the comfort of our rooms, usually take about thirty minutes to perform and do not require lengthy preparation time.

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Travelling Patients

Dr Turner is sought after by patients from all over Australia for his high standards and skill when it comes to their personal transformation. For this reason Dr Turner has customized the consultation process for his patients travelling to Sydney for surgery. Great care is taken by Dr Turner to make this a smooth process whilst still maintaining the highest professionalism and confidentiality.

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