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Does exercise make you look old?

Smoking, drinking, gravity and time can contribute to the signs of ageing.

Frowning, smoking, gravity and the passage of time – all of these factors can contribute to signs of aging. But is it possible that exercising is also making you look older than you nearly are? According to Shape Magazine there may be some exercises that actually make you look older.

Are you a runner?

Have you heard of runners face? Running is one of our favourite ways to get fit and burn calories. The fact that runners spend time outdoors exposed to the elements might also play its part in causing brown age spots and dehydrated skin, which shows wrinkles more quickly.

Bouncing workouts

“High-impact exercise, such as running can contribute to premature sagging. A good sports bras can help reduce the impact these activities. If that’s not enough, some women may choose to undergo a breast lift, which, can result in a “more youthful breast contour.”

The Sun

Exercising in the outdoors puts you at risk of sun damage, which can cause an array of skin problems, including premature wrinkling. It is important to wear sunscreen, even in winter. Make sure that you put on a Sun Screen that has an SPF of 30 or higher.

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