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The Keller Funnel 2

The Keller Funnel 2 is a sterile, cone shaped device, which is the latest innovation in breast augmentation surgery allowing a ‘No Touch’ technique to place the breast implant into the surgical pocket during the breast augmentation procedure.

Benefits of the Keller Funnel are;

  • Reduced risk of bacterial contamination of the breast implant during placement
    • Reduced risk of capsular contraction
    • Reduced risk of revision procedures
  • Hydrophilic coating of the Keller Funnel allows effortless placement of the breast implant into the breast pocket
    • Reduces trauma to the implant shell and inner gel core
    • Reduce risk of implant rupture with improved longevity
  • Smaller incision length
  • Aids accurate orientation of anatomical shaped implants
  • Less bruising and discomfort post-operatively

With modern form stable silicone breast implants, they traditionally require a longer incision and forceful insertion than older soft saline implants. Using the Keller Funnel 2, these disadvantages of modern implants are eliminated and is why Dr Turner highly recommends his patients under going breast augmentation surgery use the Keller Funnel.

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