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Breast Implant Revision

Breast Implant Revision procedures up 30% in 2014

Breast Augmentation continues to be one of the leading cosmetic procedures performed in America and throughout the world, with close to 300,000 performed in the US in 2014.

With breast augmentation surgery now reaching close to its 50th birthday, more and more women are looking for revision or replacement of their breast implants that were placed decades ago.

There are many factors that can change over the years from the shape, size and feel of the implants with weight fluctuation also being a factor.

New technology available around the world is helping women achieve a breast implant revision that they have needed or wanted for many years.

There are many reasons for a breast implant revision procedure with the most common being capsular contracture, deflation or rupture of the implant, wanting larger or smaller implants or removal of the implants all together.

It is important to discuss your desires and realistic expectations with your surgeon and as always, do your research and make sure you seek guidance from a certified cosmetic plastic surgeon who has many years of experience.


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