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‘A beautiful nose is a natural one that complements and fits harmoniously with your natural facial features and does not dominate the face’

Rhinoplasty or a ‘nose job’ as it is commonly known, is designed to improve nasal aesthetics, while preserving or improving nasal breathing. The importance of balance and proportions are more critical in rhinoplasty surgery than any other area of aesthetics surgery, as no single feature affects the way you look quite as much as your nose.

Goals of Rhinoplasty

• Removal of a prominent hump and narrow the bony width at the bridge
• Refine the nasal tip
• Narrowing of the nasal base
• Reduce nostril width
• Correct asymmetry or deviations
• Relieve breathing problems

Using the 3D Vectra imaging system, patients will be able to see what changes are realistic and achievable. These simulations can often help patients describe the results they want and the changes they would like to avoid.

The operation can take between 3-4 hours and the patient is often fine to go home the same day. A small splint is required for a week to support and protect the bones while they set in their new position. Most bruising subsides 3-4 weeks post-surgery and most patients report a little pain and discomfort but this is easily controlled with pain medication. Although some results will be seen when the cast is removed, it take about 12 months before the final result can be fully appreciated.

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