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Patient’s to check doctors credentials

NSW Health is urging people who are considering having minor cosmetic procedures to check the practitioner’s credentials before undergoing treatment.

A British survey found a quarter of all people contemplating cosmetic surgery did not know if their surgeon was properly qualified. The report prompted surgeons in Australia to launch an awareness campaign called ‘Think Over Before You Make Over’.

People often make decisions based on price point and accessibility than they do on who’s doing the surgery and what their credentials are which results in a greater risk of poor surgical outcomes, severe infections and even nerve damage or disfigurement.

Cosmetic procedures involving surgery, injections or other restricted medicines such as eyelid surgery, injections of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers should only be performed by a medical practitioner registered in Australia.

Patients considering any of the above procedures should seek the advice of their family GP and check the credentials of the person before undergoing any procedure.

Dr Turner is a passionate and highly qualified cosmetic plastic surgeon and is a member of ASAPS, FRACS and ISAPS. For more information on Dr Turner, please click the following link


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