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CoolSculpt with Dr Turner

CoolSculpting is the latest non-surgical treatment offered by Dr Turner. CoolSculpt treats problem areas such as stomach, back, inner thighs and outer thighs. Fatty areas are gently pinched using the CoolSculpt applicator. The applicator cools the area of treatment and causes fat cells to crystallise and die. This 60 minute treatment causes no harm to surrounding tissue. Instead, it leaves you with a toned body and no more problem areas!

This FDA-approved treatment is effective for contouring areas of concern. It is not a treatment for obesity, but is designed for spot treatments. You may start to see changes in as little as three weeks. The most dramatic results are commonly seen between two and six months. Your body will flush out fat cells for between four to six months.

No pills or supplements need to be taken following your CoolSculpting session. You do not need to change your diet or exercise habits. Many patients feel motivated to take better care of their bodies following the treatment. Experience the increase of confidence and body positivity yourself!

View one of Dr Turner’s lovely staff experiencing the CoolSculpt treatment below. Visit Dr Turner’s Facebook or Instagram to keep updated!


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