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Why So Many Women Get Labiaplasty

Did you know that labiaplasty is the second fastest growing plastic surgery procedure? Ranking at number two just after butt augmentation, labiaplasty procedures are incredibly popular in Sydney and worldwide.

If you are unhappy with the look of your genitals, there are a lot of options these days. From labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction to pubic liposuction, you really can have a totally customised vagina. Wondering if it’s worthwhile? Here’s everything you need to know about labiaplasty.

Is My Labia Normal?

Before we talk about labiaplasty, it’s important to talk about what normal female genitals looks like. What a lot of women don’t realise is that there is no one standard look. Vaginas and labia come in all different shapes and sizes.

Many women, however, have labia that get in the way of normal activity. Saggy labia cause serious discomfort by rubbing against underwear and may even be large enough to hang out of a bikini. Countless women are dealing with constant discomfort and insecurity.

Ultimately, meeting some standard of normal or attractive appearance is irrelevant. A labiaplasty procedure is all about making you feel good and comfortable in your own skin. Whether that means eliminating discomfort or just creating a look that you love, a labiaplasty can be a great option for many women.

What Is a Labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty removed excess and loose skin from the labia to shorten or reshape the labia. This is procedure performed under general anesthesia in a private hospital. The operation takes around two hours.

What’s the Difference Between Vaginoplasty and a Labiaplasty?

In everyday talk, we often refer to the entire female genital area as as a vagina but, anatomically speaking, this is incorrect. Before you can really talk about different procedures, it’s important to be totally clear on the different parts (and don’t be embarrassed if you aren’t 100% sure- it’s very common!).

When we talk about the vulva, we are talking about external genitals. This is the part that grows hair. When we are talking about the vagina, we’re talking about the opening itself. The labia are the lips that surround the vaginal opening.

You might have heard of women getting a “vaginal rejuvenation.” This often involves getting a vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, and/or vulvaplasty. A vaginoplasty tightens the vagina. A labiaplasty or vulvaplasty reshapes the labia or vulva, respectively.

Why Is Vaginal Rejuvenation So Popular?

There are countless reasons why a woman might want a labiaplasty. Some women find that they are unhappy with their genitals from very early in life. Other women have a change in their body after they have children, lose a significant amount of weight, or simply find that their body is not the same as they get older. Whether it is a major change to the genital structures or a minor fix, many women find vaginal rejuvenation to be a life changing procedure. It can provide a boost of self-confidence, eliminate discomfort, and improve your sex life.

Want to learn more about getting a labiaplasty? Contact Dr Turner at Labiaplasty Specialist to see up a one-on-one chat. He is an expert in vaginal rejuvenation and can create a treatment plan that is perfect for you.


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