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What’s the Best Age for a Facelift?

There are many different schools of thought when it comes to the best age to get a facelift. While some people talk about getting so-called “preventative” facelifts, other wait until they are well into their 60s. So, when is the best time for a facelift? Ultimately, the answer is: it depends.

The ideal age for one woman or man might be far too late or too early for another. Let’s run down the factors that help determine the best age for a facelift.

The Ageing Process

We all age differently. Genetics and a wide array of other lifestyle factors determine how quickly or slowly each individual person ages. While some people may find 40 to be the perfect age for a facelift, others might be able to hold off until they are 60. It is important to not wait too long though. By the time your face is severely aged, facial rejuvenation procedures are more obvious and less effective.

Generally speaking, however, most people begin to notice their faces ages in their late 30s. In their 40s and 50s, those fine lines turn into deep wrinkles as the skin begins to fold and volume facial fat is lost. If you wait until those lines become deeply set, you will have less than ideal results from a facelift. And, why wait that long? The benefit to facelifts is to prevent premature ageing and excess wrinkles. Getting a procedure before the signs of ageing are obvious means that you can prevent ageing and enjoy the results for many more years.

It is also common that people in their 40s and 50s are healthier than those who are 60+ years old. The younger and healthier that you are, the better that you will be able to recover from a procedure. Waiting too long to have a procedure only creates an unnecessary element of added stress.

Best Age for Different Types of Facelifts

The best time for a facelift also depends on what kind of facelift you are considering. A short scar facelift, or mini facelift, is the best option for people in their early 40s to mid 50s who are looking to prevent ageing before it happens. The short scar facelift is focused on your cheeks and jowls to create a subtlety lifted and youthful look.

When you are 55+ years old, the best option is typically a full SMAS facelift. This type of facelift targets the muscles that support your face and neck to create a youthful tautness to your skin.

After a certain age, men and women often become unhappy with the look of their neck. In many cases, a neck lift can be just as beneficial as a facelift or serve a perfect compliment to the procedure.

The Key to Success

Have you ever noticed that some people never seem to age? More than likely, that is because those people are doing a little bit at a time. Rather than waiting to have a facelift when they are seeing obvious signs of ageing, many people choose a more gradual approach. Thanks to anti-wrinkle injections, laser treatments and dermal fillers, you can take a few years off at a time. Rather than waiting for skin to sage, you can fill in fine lines and sallow areas to maintain a youthful look until are you ready for a facelift.

Not sure if you are ready for a facelift? Visit the Dr Turner at his Northern Beaches or North Sydney clinic to have a one-on-one chat. He will give you a full facial assessment, listen to your concerns, and create a customised treatment plan that best meets your needs.


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