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A Facelift… for your Vagina?

Bringing up the topic of vaginal cosmetic surgery usually separates people into two vocal groups. There is always one very large group of people who have never heard of it, and then there is another group who are confused at why women would feel the need to improve the appearance of their vagina.

There is also a third group that we don’t hear from as much. These are the women who are uncomfortable and frustrated with their bodies. Many of them saw dramatic changes to their genitals after child birth. Some of them have been dealing with a lifelong insecurity and physical discomfort from oversized labia.

If you are unhappy with your genitals or are living with regular discomfort, it’s time to look into your options. A simple and safe procedure can be truly life changing.

What Is Cosmetic Surgery for Your Vagina

First of all, let’s talk about some of the different options available for women. Have you heard that labiaplasty is actually the second fastest growing plastic surgery procedure in the world? Ranking at number two just after butt augmentation, labiaplasty procedures are incredibly popular in Sydney and worldwide. This is a procedure that alters the external look of your genitals. This is often done to create a smooth “tucked in” kind of look. On the other hand, a vaginoplasty is another common procedure that is done to reduce the actual size of the vagina to make it tighter.

Why Women Want Customised Genitals

And, it’s about more than just labiaplasty! You can completely customise the look between your legs. From labiaplasty to clitoral hood reduction to pubic liposuction, you really can have a totally personalised look.

There are many reasons why women opt to make a change. Some women find that they are unhappy with their genitals from very early in life while others are frustrated by the change that they see after they have children, lose a significant amount of weight, or simply get older.

While sometimes it’s just a cosmetic issue, other women are dealing with daily discomfort and insecurity. Saggy labia can impact everyday activities. Countless women are dealing with constant discomfort as their labia rub uncomfortably against underwear and sometimes even hang out of swimwear.

What It’s Like to Have Cosmetic Surgery for Your Genitals

Whether you opt to get a labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, pubic liposuction, or a vaginoplasty, you can expect to have a relatively quick procedure. The majority of operations are around two hours long, and many women return home the very same day of their procedures.

Following your procedure, you’ll want to take about a week off of work. You’ll see some swelling at first, with full results visible after four to six months.

Can I Have a Labiaplasty If I’ve Never Had Kids?

Absolutely! A labiaplasty can be a good option for any healthy adult woman. While women often choose to have a labiaplasty to deal with the effects of vaginal childbirth, it is a good option for women without kids too. It’s important to note, however, that it’s not an ideal option for women who are still intending to have children in the future, as childbirth can undo the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation.

Interested in hearing more about getting a labiaplasty? Contact Dr Turner at Labiaplasty Specialist to schedule a one-on-one chat. Dr Turner is a vaginal rejuvenation expert. He will listen to your needs and concerns, then create a unique customised treatment plan for you. For more information check out Finnen knacken Eurojackpot Auch ein Berliner ist jetzt Lotto-Millionär –


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