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Why Australian Women Love Fat Transfers

Women in Australia love and it’s easy to see why. Modern cosmetic surgery provides incredibly natural looking results and is safer than ever before. From quick “lunchtime procedures” like injectables to more traditional operations, plastic surgery can make you look and feel better than ever.

Fat transfers, in particular, have been surging in popularity and it’s easy to see why. By allowing you to customise the placement of your own body fat, you can create unparalleled results.

Think that a fat transfer might be right for you? Let’s have a closer look at some of the incredible benefits offered by this amazing plastic surgery option.


Fat Transfers Provide Natural Results

Also known as fat grafting, fat transfers are an incredible option because they provide natural looking results. While there are some great implant options out there today, nothing can compare to the results that you get when using your own body fat.

If your goal is to create natural looking curves, a fat transfer procedure can be a dream come true. By adding your body’s own natural fat rather than an artificial implant into areas like your butt, breasts or face, you can create the precise contours that you are looking for.


Fat Transfers Create Less Scarring

At our plastic surgery clinics, one of the biggest questions we are always being asked is about scarring. Needless to say, no one wants to have tell-tale signs of cosmetic surgery on their body and so patients are thrilled to learn that fat transfers provide incredibly subtle scars.

While every type of operation leaves some amount of scarring, fat transfers leave incredible minor marks that are easily hidden. In fact, for the vast majority of fat transfers, it is highly unlikely your scars would be visible to anyone, even in the most revealing swimwear.


Fat Transfers Are an Ideal Alternative to Implants

While modern implants are safer and more reliable than ever before, there is always some level of risk that is inherent to putting a foreign object into your body. During a fat transfer, on the other hand, there is a much lower risk and the results are more reliable.

Not only do fat transfers provide a safer and more reliable result, they are also perfect for smaller boosts. Many women, for example, aren’t looking for a major increase in their breast size. What they want is a subtle boost to highly targeted areas, like the top of the breasts where cleavage is created. Artificial implants can be overwhelming to many women’s frames. These women often find that fat implants are perfect for adding just the amount of volume that they are looking for in their breasts and buttocks.


Fat Transfer Require Less Downtime

After the majority of fat transfer procedures, men and women are able to go home on the same day. Since fat transfers are a highly customised procedure, each patient has a different experience depending on their unique treatment plan. Generally speaking, you can expect a recovery time of a few days up to one week. In contrast, the recovery time for traditional implant procedures can be anywhere from two weeks to one month before you are able to return to your normal activities.

Do you think that a fat transfer procedure might be right for you? You can organise a no-commitment consultation with Dr Turner. He will answer each and every one of your questions while listening to all of your needs and concerns. After hearing from you and giving you an examination, he will create the perfect treatment for your unique needs.


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