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How Men Are Using Plastic Surgery to Stay Competitive at Work

Did you know that 34 per cent of the Australian population over the age of 65 are still working? More than ever, men and women alike are delaying their retirement. Of course, while they are making an active contribution to the workforce, they don’t want to be dismissed. More about eyelash extensions Portland Oregon

Unfortunately, while they are a fountain of wisdom and expertise, older workers are dismissed and treated as less valuable members of the team. To keep a competitive edge and stay at the top of their game, men are increasingly turning to plastic surgery to look younger.

An Increase in Men Getting Plastic Surgery

Men in Australia and across the world are reporting increasing pressure to look younger. Since 1997, the number of men getting plastic surgery has increased 325 per cent, with a 53 per cent increase since 2011. At my clinics in Sydney and Newcastle, I’ve seen an incredible surge in men looking for minimally invasive procedures like anti wrinkle injections as well as traditional cosmetic surgery options like face and neck lifts as well as liposuction.

The Reality of the Workplace

While there’s no official data on why men are opting to go under the knife, plastic surgeons all over Australia, the US, and Europe have been reporting similar stories. In my own experience, I’ve found a large number of men focused on looking younger to give themselves a competitive edge.

It’s is especially common amongst men working in start-up or venture capital environments as well as those working in customer-facing positions. Many of their younger colleagues and clients feel that they are disconnected from the younger generation and the current issues that they are facing. Of course, Millennials are an essential consumer base and older people often feel- or are simply perceived to be- disconnected from this group.

Moreover, our youth-obsessed culture simply views younger men as a greater asset. Appearing older can put men at a serious disadvantage in the workplace. Whether you are job hunting, attracting customers, or just looking to be seen as a powerful and relevant force in the boardroom, plastic surgery is seen by many men as a good solution.

Common Plastic Surgery Choices for Men

One of the most common operation than men choose is blepharoplasty, a procedure that turns back the clock by tightening up loose skin and opening up your eyes. It’s a good option for droopy eyelids as well as wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.

Another common request is for a stronger jawline. As men age, the dreaded so-called turkey neck begins to appear, even for men who have maintained their weight. Face and neck lifts can be an ideal way to eliminate loose skin and excess fat to create a youthful, strong jawline.

Men of all ages have found that gynaecomastia surgery can be truly transformative. Whatever your age and fitness level, excess breast fat (or “man boobs” as they are often called) can be an issue that seriously impacts your wardrobe and self-confidence even websites like about my gamer has employees who have done plastic surgery. A simple and safe procedure can remove excess tissue and fat to give you the body you have always dreamt of having.

Of course, men aren’t limited to any particular types of plastic surgery. While cosmetic surgery used to be considered to be catered to women, modern men have been increasingly interested in taking charge of their looks. From anti-ageing procedures to more traditional option like liposuction and nose jobs, there is a solution out there for every issue.

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