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New Green Plastic Surgery Trend: Recycling Body Fat

Looking to go green? You are going to love Sydney’s newest “green” plastic surgery trend. Recycling body fat, also known as fat grafting, is an incredible option for creating totally natural looking results using your body’s own fat.

An Alternative to Implants

Fat grafting, also known as a fat transfer or fat injection, is an alternative to traditional implants. By utilising your own natural body fat, fat grating provides you with an incredibly safe and versatile option.

With an ever-growing number of people focusing on putting fewer unnatural elements in their bodies, many men and women love the idea of forgoing manmade implants in favour of using natural body fat.

How Does Fat Grafting Work?

Fat grafting works by removing fat from one area of your body and placing it into another. Of course, this provides a dual benefit because you can slim down one area of your body then plump up another area. This is a totally customisable option that can be done any number of ways.

Whatever your concerns and objectives are, fat transferring can be a good option. In most cases, fat is taken from the abdomen, thighs, hips or lower back. The fat is then put into the buttocks, face, breasts or hands.

Of course, every procedure is different. Many women, for example, opt to have fat removed from their thighs and add it to their buttocks while others take excess fat from their stomach to create volume in their breasts. Fat transfers are also a very popular treatment for men as well. They often opt to have their love handles removed then have some of that fat added back into their face to restore a youthful volume or create a more chiselled look.

What It’s Like to Have Fat Grafting Done

When you arrive at the clinic, you will be given a local or general aesthetic to ensure that you are comfortable and the procedure is painless. Once you are ready, the fat transfer procedure begins with liposuction. During this stage, the fat is removed with an ultra thin straw, called a cannula.

After the fat is removed, it is processed and purified in preparation for being reintroduced to your body. Once again using a thin cannula, the fat is injected strategically to create your ideal look.

Getting Started

Do you think that fat grafting might be right for you? The first step in the process is organising a consultation. Dr Turner has thriving practices in Newcastle and Sydney where you can learn everything that you will need to know to make an informed decision.

When you contact Dr Turner, he will organise a no-obligation consultation with you. At this one-to-one meeting, the doctor will answer each and every one of your questions on fat transfers. He will listen to all of your concerns then create a customised treatment plan to turn your dreams into a reality.


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