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Deciding the Best Time for a Face Lift

There is an incredible array of anti-ageing options out there. From creams and lotions to face lifts and Botox, we have more choices today than ever before. Best of all, these treatments are more effective than we could have imagined just ten years ago.

Forget everything that you think you may know about face lifts! Today’s procedures are totally safe and amazingly natural looking. They are not just for women of a certain age either. Face lifts can be a good option for men and women at anytime after 40. There are a range of different types of face lifts as well other complimentary procedures that can treat a wide array of signs of ageing.

Are you considering a face lift? Here is everything that you need to know about your options and how to decide on the best time for a face lift.

Types of Face Lifts and Anti-Ageing Treatments

When it comes to face lifts, every aspect of the treatment is full customised to each patient’s unique needs. If you are looking for a dramatic transform, you may want to consider a combined face and neck lift procedure. While many people picture face lifts as having the skin simply pulled backed, an SMAS face lift targets the underlying fibromuscular tissue that covers your face and neck. By rejuvenating the underlying facial muscles, the results of this procedure are incredible.

Not every patient is looking for a full transformation however. For those looking to revitalise their look, a less invasive procedure can be the best option. If you have signs of ageing around your cheeks and jowls, a mini face lift can be a good option. If the lower eyelids, cheeks and corners of the mouth are a concern, then a mid face lift may be just what you are looking for.

Ageing doesn’t just impact the face and that’s why Dr Turner recommends a more holistic treatment. Very often, a neck lifts are the perfect complementary procedure, while options like brow lifts, eyelid surgery, facial implants and skin rejuvenation are transformative for some patients as well.

What’s the Best Age for a Face Lift?

At Dr Turner’s practices in Sydney, Dee Why, and Newcastle, men and women alike regularly come in asking about the best age for a face lift. The truth is that there’s no one magic number. Everyone ages differently. A wide range of factors from genetics to lifestyle factors like sun exposure, smoking, skincare, and environmental factors all impact the ageing process.

In Dr Turner’s clinics and at plastic surgery clinics around the world, the average face lift patient is anywhere between the ages of 40 to 60 years old. The thing to realise, however, is that the most important thing is matching the right procedure to the right person. Younger looking patients might just want some minor changes while those with more signs of ageing may want a more transformative look.

Ultimately, there is an option at every age. If there’s something you want to change, you can transform your look at anytime. If you think that you might be ready for a face lift, there’s an option for you. Even those under 40 can look into age prevention. It’s all about talking to your cosmetic surgeon to see what’s best for you.

Deciding to Get a Face Lift

The best way to decide if are ready for a face lift is to have a one-to-one consultation with Dr Turner. He will listen to all of your concerns and wishes while expertly guiding you through each and every option available.


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