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Trending Topics: Parents Giving Plastic Surgery as a Graduation Gift

What did you get when you graduated? Unless you graduated in the past five years, it likely wasn’t plastic surgery! These days, however, a visit to the doctor’s office is often what many new grads’ have on their wish lists. Parents in Sydney and around the world are giving plastic surgery as a graduation gift. But make sure you already know a medical negligence attorney

Sound totally crazy? Let’s sort myth from reality and talk about what plastic surgery really means for young people.

Why Young People Want Plastic Surgery

The number of people between the ages of 19 to 34 getting plastic surgery has surged in recent years. From injectables like Botox and dermal fillers to nose jobs and breast implants, young people are clamouring for a change.

Of course, there have always been young people who are unhappy with their looks. The good news is that plastic surgery is safer than ever before and there are now an incredible number of options for changing your look.

Deciding If Plastic Surgery Is Right for You (or Your Grad)

If you’ve ever been young, you know how difficult it can sometimes be to battle with insecurity. Every little advantage can be powerful. Whether it is clothes, makeup, or laser treatment, finding a way to boost the way that you look and feel about yourself is essential.

Of course, plastic surgeons play a key role in helping to determine if potential patients are ready for a procedure. It’s essential to be more than just physically healthy. Mental health plays a key role in determining if plastic surgery is a good option.

When you schedule a consultation with Dr Turner, he will have a one-to-one chat about your reasons for getting plastic surgery. Before getting plastic surgery, it’s important to fully understand that plastic surgery isn’t a cure-all. While it can be an incredible confidence boost, it most certainly can’t solve every problem in life. Any adult, over the age of 18, with a clear perspective on the reality of plastic surgery can be a good candidate.

It’s important to note, however, that plastic surgery is not a good choice for younger teens. This is because bodies change far too much under the age of 18 and it’s better to just take a wait-and-see approach for younger teens.

Non-Surgical and Surgical Cosmetic Procedure Options

The world of plastic surgery is bigger and more exciting than ever before. There are so many great injectables, laser treatments and safe surgical options.

One incredibly popular graduation gift is fat treatments. Even young people who are active and have a healthy diet can be plagued with stubborn sports that just won’t budge. Liposuction is better option now that ever before while non-surgical alternatives like CoolSculpting and VelaShape III can give you incredible results without the need for going under the knife. Of course, cosmetic procedures like nose jobs (rhinoplasty) and breast augmentation continue to be as popular as ever.

In addition to getting cosmetic surgery, there are sometimes medical reasons for getting plastic surgery. Many young women suffer from uncomfortable conditions like oversized labia and can find relief from labiaplasty. Similarly, cosmetic procedures like breast asymmetry correction and nipple correction can be transformative also here’s (A Recipe for Recovery).

Think plastic surgery might be right for you or your grad? Why not schedule a consultation with Dr Turner? You can visit him at his Newcastle or Sydney clinic for a one-to-one chat to discuss your needs and concerns.

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