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Your Ultimate Guide to Mummy Makeovers

As a mum, it’s probably hard to remember a time without your little ones. You probably do remember your pre-baby body though! If you are like most women, you’ve noticed some less-than-welcome changes after becoming a mum. The good news is that you don’t have to just live with those changes.

Plastic surgery today is safer and more natural looking that ever before. From head to toe, there’s nothing you can’t enhance. Today, more mums than ever before are taking charge of their bodies and appearance. Rather than covering up or feeling insecure, mums are heading to the plastic surgeon.

In Sydney and around the world, plastic surgeons have responded by offering the so-called Mummy Makeovers. These incredible treatments can be life-changing.

Ready for a transformation? Here’s your ultimate guide to mummy makeovers.

What a Mummy Makeover Is

A Mummy Makeover is totally customisable. It is a treatment plan that is created specifically for you, to meet your unique needs. Typically, Mummy Makeovers include procedures like a breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, or labiaplasty.

Breast treatments are common as the breasts are one of the parts of the body most affected by motherhood. A breast augmentation procedure is often done to restore the volume that is lost during breastfeeding. Some women also opt to have a breast lift or breast reduction to reduce sagging and increase perkiness.

Excess body fat is another major concern. Liposuction is a very popular option for eliminating stubborn areas of fat and enhancing your feminine shape. A tummy tuck is another option that is very popular with mums. This procedure will tighten your abdominal muscles, flatten your stomach, and reshape your waist.

A Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the plastic surgery procedure that has been surging in popularity in recent years. This treatment is perfect for slimming your stomach, thighs, and anywhere else, while adding volume to your buttocks.

During pregnancy, many women find that their labia become larger and expand in response to their changing hormones and pelvic pressure. Labiaplasty is a simple and safe procedure that will restore your natural vaginal shape.

What It Is Like to Get a Mummy Makeover

Some women opt to have two or three procedures done at one time during Mummy Makeover, while others prefer to prefer it break down into a couple of different sessions. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Having everything done at once can be more cost efficient and reduce the amount of total time spent. On the other hand, having a Mummy Makeover done over a couple of different sessions means that you can spread out the cost and have a faster healing time.

When you meet with Dr Turner, he will work with you to create a customised treatment plan then explain the options that you have available to meet your goals.

Deciding If a Mummy Makeover Is Right for You

A Mummy Makeover can be a good option for any woman who is in good general health and doesn’t plan to have more children.

The best way to familiarise yourself with your options is to meet with Dr Turner. At his thriving practices in Sydney, Newcastle, and Dee Why, the doctor offers one-on-one consultations to discuss each possible procedure and work with you to create a customised treatment plan.


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