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Is Cosmetic Surgery a Taboo for Men?


The world of taboos is constantly changing. Things that were totally shocking and unacceptable for men in our grandfather’s generation are now often just considered to be mundane.

One massive thing that has changed is the way that men view their appearance. We often talk about how women feel pressured to look a certain way, but they aren’t alone in their question for perfection. Would you believe that, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, male plastic surgery has increased 325 per cent since 1997?

As women, we sometimes make assumptions about what men do and think. We tend to think that all men think in the same way but the truth is that things are changing. It turns out that men might be a lot more beauty conscious than you may think.

Here’s what you should know about the modern world of men’s beauty and the taboos of cosmetic surgery.


Men Do Think About Their Looks


Believe it or not, men do think about their looks – a lot! Commissioned by the Central YMCA and the eating disorder charity Succeed Foundation, the Centre of Appearance Research at the University of the West of England conducted a study on 394 British men. Their finds were truly shocking for any woman who thinks that men just throw on some clothes and are out the door without giving their bodies a second thought.

They found that 80.7% of men talk about their body image with anxiety and focus on their perceived flaws and imperfections. In comparison, 75% of women have anxiety over their body image.


Men Get Plastic Surgery


The professor of Men’s Health at Leeds Metropolitan University, Alan White, said: “These findings are worrying but not surprising. There’s been a big increase in the numbers of British men having cosmetic procedures such as a nose job or removal of breast tissue; that’s gone from almost nothing to quite a significant industry over the last 10 years. All this fuels the idea of the body beautiful and encourages a quick fix rather than appropriate diet and physical fitness levels.”

And, he is not exaggerating. The number of men getting plastic surgery has increased dramatically over recent years. Whether or not they consider it to be taboo, they are certainly getting it done behind closed doors.


Men’s Looks Matter


There’s no doubt that women get a lot scrutiny, but men aren’t immune from it either! According to a study done at the University of Florida, tall men make more money which increases their chance to get a girlfriend. It’s not a minor difference either. On average, a man can expect an extra $789 USD per year for every inch added to his height.

It’s not just height either. Men’s weight has a major role in their earning potential. According to George Washington University, an obese man can expect to earn $4,772 USD less per year than a colleague with a BMI that is considered within a healthy range. While that doesn’t quiet compare to the $8,666 USD an obese woman loses every year compared to her smaller colleagues, it can still make a hefty dent in any man’s wallet.


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