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Why Women are getting Plastic Surgery on their Nipples?

Before the start of this year, the US plastic surgery industry put together a list of their best predictions for the plastic surgery trends of 2017. According to the best plastic surgeons and experts in the country, this year was set to be the year of the nipple.

And they were right! According to stats from the United States, Sydney, and around the world, nipple surgery has become more popular than ever before.

Why Nipples Plastic Surgery is So Popular

According the survey conducted by the Plastic Surgery Group in the US, there has been a 30 per cent increase in the number women requesting a smaller nipple size over the past year. While smaller nipples are becoming increasingly sought after, they are not the most popular nipple surgery of the year. That title goes to inverted nipples correction surgery.

At Dr Turner’s clinics in Newcastle, Sydney, and Dee Why, we regularly see women coming in to talk about correcting inverted or flat nipples. Their conditions range from mild to severe, and the women report their conditions as a long-term cause of insecurity and discomfort. We also see many women dealing with long (floppy) and/ or puffy nipples.

Often women develop this condition after breastfeeding, and it’s sometimes accompanied by darkened and thickened nipples as well as a widening of the areola. The good news is that you can have your old body back or simply create the body you have always wanted.

What It’s Like to Have Plastic Surgery on Your Nipples

Plastic surgery is highly customisable, especially in the case of procedures to the nipples. There are actually three different grades of nipple inversion and, of course, nipples come in all shape, sizes, and, colours. There is no single standard nipple so, while you may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with the look of your nipples, it’s nothing a doctor hasn’t seen before! There are estimated to be nearly one million in Australia women with inverted or flat nipples so you aren’t alone. When you meet Dr Turner, he will look at your unique case to make a recommendation for treatment.

Nipple correction is a minor procedure that can be done without general anaesthesia. The whole thing only takes about 30 minutes and you can be on your way home in no time after the procedure.

If you are looking to tackle more than one issue, you could also combine a nipple correction with areola reduction or a breast augmentation. There is a wide open world of options for how to change the look of your breasts and nipples so you can work with Dr Turner to come up with a fully customised treatment plan that meets your needs, having your nipples corrected is good if you want to look better but you know whats worse than weird body features fungal infections fortunately there’s ZetaClear and does ZetaClear really work? well .. find out for yourselves 🙂 .








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