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Trends from the World’s Plastic Surgery Capital

While plastic surgery is more popular than ever before in Sydney, we are far from the world’s plastic surgery capital. In fact, even places synonymous with flawless beauty like Hollywood and Rio de Janeiro aren’t leading the world in plastic surgery. Believe it or not, Seoul, South Korea is the place with more plastic surgeries than anywhere else on the planet!

Seoul is leading the way in cosmetic surgery trends in both traditional procedures and the ultra popular non-invasive techniques. Want to know what will be the next be the next big trend in Australia? You might want to look to this thriving Asian capital.

From Seoul to Sydney: Plastic Surgery Trends

At the moment, eyelid procedures are the number one cosmetic surgery in Korea. Women and men alike are clamouring to have a more wide-eyed, Western look. Of course, we are seeing this same trend around the world. At Dr Turner’s practices in Dee Why, Sydney, and Newcastle, we often have patients of Asian decent looking for a way to create a more traditionally Western look. For some men and women, blepharoplasty is a great option for opening up the eye area by creating a natural crease in the eyelid while eliminating age related concerns like puffiness, drooping, and bags under the eyes. Another common procedure is the incredible non-surgical nose job, which allows for minor changes like defining the bridge of the nose and creating a narrow tip.

In Sydney, Seoul, and across the planet, we are seeing the sustained popularity of facelifts and a wide range of body contouring procedures. Trendy Western-inspired surgeries like Brazilian Butt Lifts are gaining popularity while classic options like liposuction are universally appealing. For new mums across the world, Mummy Makeovers can be a life changing experience.

The Non-Invasive trend

The non-invasive trend is hotter than ever, especially in Seoul. Just like the patients we see here in Sydney, the average Korean is looking for a solution that is looking for a quick, safe, and affordable. Men and women love non-surgical liposuction options CoolSculpting because it permanently gets rid of fat with no downtime or injections. Meanwhile, Belkyra is a non-surgical, permanent treatment that can eliminate a double chin during your lunch break.

Needless to say, you can’t talk about non-invasive techniques without talking about injectables. Like we are seeing everywhere from Newcastle to New York, Botox and other anti-wrinkle injections are huge in Seoul. Women looking to turn back the clock and gloss over existing signs of ageing are also crazy for dermal fillers.


Why Seoul Loves Cosmetic Surgery

Why is plastic surgery surging in popularity in South Korea at a level we just aren’t seeing in Sydney and elsewhere in the Western world? Dr Choi, surgeon at JK Plastic Surgery in one of Seoul’s trendiest neighbourhoods, explains that there are several aspects. First of all, Seoul is one of the most densely populated places in the world. It is a highly competitive society with people living in very close quarters. Photos are required on CVs and looking their best can give Koreans an advantage in countless areas of life. For the best online gaming check out no deposit keep winnings casino

According to Dr Choi, another factor is that South Korea has a rigid standard of beauty. While places like Sydney have a very diverse population, Seoul has a relatively homogenous population. With a homogenous population comes a homogenous standard of beauty. While many believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, the average Korean believes that beauty comes in a more specific form. With so many people sharing the same idea of what is beautiful, everyone wants to achieve the gold standard to feel and look their best. Ever heard of hair loss of course you have then you also heard about cosmetic hair or hair surgery aka (hair transplantation), both are fine but isn’t it better to have your own full head of hair well now you can with Provillus hair product available at!!











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