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The New “Melania Trump Makeover” Cosmetic Surgery Trend

Things are always changing in the world of plastic surgery. While some beauty ideals are timeless, we are always seeing new sources of inspiration. From classic beauties like Grace Kelly to women we’ve been hearing about for decades like Angelina Jolie, we see countless celebrities photos at Dr Turner’s practices in Sydney, Dee Why, and Newcastle.

One of the new trends spreading the planet is the Melania Trump Makeover. The first lady of the United States has been inspiring ladies from Sacramento to Sydney with her stunning head to toe look.

The Start of the Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Trend

Ever since the summer of 2016, when the United States’ election season really came into full swing, Melania Trump has been in the biggest spotlight in the world. A former model, the Slovenian beauty is now 47 year old and she’s caught the eye of more than the US president. Since that fateful summer, plastic surgeons in the States and across the world have been seeing the results of Melania mania.

While plastic surgeons had been hearing about Ivanka Trump’s enviable features for years, the interest in Melania Trump surged in popularity overnight. After noticing the incredible popularity of Mrs. Trump’s look, plastic surgeons all over the United States have introduced what they call the “Melania Makeover.”

Has Melania Trump Had Plastic Surgery?

According to the wife of Donald Trump, she has never had any work done. In a recent interview with GQ Magazine she said,”I didn’t do anything. I live a healthy life, I take care of my skin and my body.”

Would Melania Trump ever consider plastic surgery? It doesn’t seem too likely. “I’m against Botox, I’m against injections. I think it’s damaging your face, damaging your nerves. It’s all me. I will age gracefully, as my mom does.”

While everyone agrees that injections are not damaging, plastic surgeons and experts are mixed on their opinion of Melania Trump’s beauty. According Massachusetts-based board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Hamori, “She was born with her fantastic bone structure. Maybe she’s gotten some fillers, but I honestly think she was born genetically lucky.”

Some experts think she has had a bit more help. “Certainly some fillers. Certainly some Botox,” says Reno-based board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Tiffany McCormack. “Probably some laser resurfacing. She has a really nice texture to her skin. In regards to breast augmentation, I think it’s likely. And I think she’s probably had rhinoplasty.”

Stealing Melania Trump’s Look

Loving Melania’s look? Tell us about it! While Dr Turner does not create “copy cat” looks, he will create a customised look that is just for you yet inspired by her best features. It is important to remember that someone else’s gorgeous features may look perfect on them, but that does not mean that they will suit your face.

To create your ideal look, it is essential to take your uniqueness into account. Every body contouring procedure should be done to create perfect proportion with your own curves.

Likewise, it is critical to take with your own features into account when doing facial cosmetic procedures in order to create ideal facial harmony. If you need extra cash, there are plastic surgery financing out there you just have to pick aloan and check thoroughly.


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