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Plastic Surgery Trends from Around the World

The world of plastic surgery is constantly evolving. Combing ever-changing beauty trends with constantly progressing medical techniques, there are always new cosmetic surgery trends evolving. From Sydney to Seoul to Sacramento, plastic surgeons are seeing a wide range of requests from men and women looking to change things up from head to toe.  

The Biggest Plastic Surgery Trend In the World

It is undoubtably the year of injectables. Throughout the world, there is no procedure more popular than Botox. With millions of procedures being done every year, men and women alike are in love with this anti-ageing injection. In terms of actual surgical procedures, breast augmentation has continued to be the most popular plastic surgery for women while the most requested option for men is eyelid surgery.  

Which Country Gets the Most Plastic Surgery

Did you know that 20 per cent of all cosmetic surgery is done in the United States? Of course, with a population of more than 320 million people, it only makes sense that they are at the top of the list. Following the States, Brazil does the second highest number of cosmetic surgeries in the world. The remaining counties who make up the top five of the planet’s most plastic surgery obsessed countries are Japan, South Korea, and Mexico.  

Plastic Surgery Tourism

Around the globe, plastic surgeons report a massive variety of trends amongst their patients. Some countries, in fact, have even become international hotspot for speciality procedures. Turkey has become the global centre for hair transplantation and is at the heart of a medical tourism boom. With both traditional and facial hair transplants, the capital city, Istanbul, sees countless men from neighbouring Arab countries and around the world looking to restore their strands. South Korea is another nation with a thriving global medical tourism market. Offering procedures of every kind, Seoul has more plastic surgeries per capita than anywhere else on earth.  

International Plastic Surgery Trends

In Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates, plastic surgeons have been reporting a surge in the number of men and women alike requesting procedures, especially facelifts and nose jobs, to make them resemble pop stars. Latin America is home to half of the countries that make up the top 10 list for nations doing the most cosmetic surgery. In fact, plastic surgery is so common that Brazilians can now write off the cost of breast augmentation and rhinoplasty on their income taxes. Meanwhile, throughout the Middle East, rhinoplasty is surging in popularity. In particular, Iran has been seeing a massive increase in the number of nose jobs for several years now. Amongst the more unusual procedures is the leg lengthening trend in India. This procedure, widely considered to be unsafe, can add up to three inches to a person’s height. Are you looking for a change? Talk to us today! Wherever you are from and whatever you are looking for easiest place to get a payday loan, our resident expert, Dr Turner, can help you create the perfect customised treatment plan.


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