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TruSculpt Flex: Your personalised muscle sculpting treatment.

Elle Macpherson says truSculpt flex is the best product on the market for strengthening the body

Elle Macpherson (link to interview)

Everyone’s fitness journey is different – sometimes, it’s about healing; at other times, it’s about feeling confident about your body; and at times, it’s about getting stronger and building muscle.

The latter is where Elle Macpherson, iconic Australian supermodel and TV celebrity, found herself recently. In her interview at a recent event from Cutera and her wellness brand, WelleCo, she admitted that a tendonitis injury she suffered in her knees had spread to her knees and hips, preventing her from moving and exercising. That’s when she turned to truSculpt flex – and couldn’t be happier!

“After doing so much research, I found that the best product on the market for strengthening the body was truSculpt flex,” says Elle Macpherson.

Not only is truSculpt flex a non-invasive, innovative treatment that lets you see the results in no time – after four sessions done within a two-week period – it also gives you the effect of a Pilates workout, helping you build muscle and feel stronger through the use of electrical stimulation.

Elle said that truSculpt flex treatment felt like “the most intense Pilates class you’ve ever done.” She managed to regain her strength in her core and was able to get back to her fitness routine that she had been unable to do due to her illness. What’s not to love about that?

It’s time to put your health first and truSculpt flex is here to help. What’s more, it’s now available at our clinic.


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