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Amy, Practice Manager

With a substantial background specific to the health and beauty industry combined with exposure within the global corporate market, Amy brings with her extensive knowledge and experience pertinent to practice management. Amy is responsible for providing a quality service, guidance and support to all our practice patients. With her attention to detail and coordinating skills she leads our patients through each step of their journey ensuring they feel confident and comfortable throughout their experience at Dr Turner’s practices. With an array of management skills, she manages three of our practices, Dee Why, Adamstown and North Sydney; liaises with members of the multidisciplinary team; coordinates theatre schedules; and is responsible for the management of our non-clinical and clinical staff members whilst working closely with Dr Turner.

Keilly Nurse

Keilly, Registered Nurse

Keilly is an experienced theatre nurse with 14 years public and private sector nursing experience, in the UK and Australia. She has developed a diverse skill set in anaesthetic nursing, and operating theatre environments including: trauma orthopaedic, general surgery, emergency anaesthetic nursing, obstetric theatre nursing and recovery care. She is highly regarded by her colleagues and clients for her professionalism and an unrelenting commitment to excellence in patient care.

Dr Ian Bridgland, Anaesthetist

After graduating from the University of New South Wales in 1991 I spent four years working as a hospital doctor around the Sydney area and gained a wide range of experience in a number of specialties. I then travelled to the United Kingdom for five years and joined the Specialist Anaesthetist Training scheme, working initially in the South of England and later in Cambridge. Whilst in Cambridge I completed a Masters degree in the user interface aspects of anaesthesia monitors. Returning to Australia in 2001, I spent a further four years completing the specialist examinations and training required to practice as an anaesthetist in Australia.

Over the last decade I have focussed on providing anaesthetic services for a skilled group of surgeons in the specialties of plastic and reconstructive surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatric and ear, nose and throat surgery. I have found over the years that people often don’t realise that the anaesthetist looking after them in a hospital is a specialist doctor who has spent many years training and maintaining their skills and knowledge. Another common misconception is that the anaesthetist is only present for a few minutes at the start of their operation. One of the more rewarding aspects of my job is being able to talk to people before their surgery when they are often feeling nervous and vulnerable, and give them the reassurance that they will be cared for by a skilled and dedicated specialist from the start of their surgery until they are safely awake in the recovery room.

Dr Paul Ross, Anaesthetist

Dr Ross completed his undergraduate medical training in Queensland prior to moving to Newcastle for specialty training in anaesthesia. He then undertook a clinical fellowship at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Canada. In addition to his work with Dr Turner he currently has an appointment as a staff specialist anaesthetist at the John Hunter Hospital where he is the supervisor of training. He is passionate about providing safe professional anaesthetic care across all health care settings.


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