Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery for Men & Male Plastic Surgery

More and more men are becoming interested in cosmetic surgery. After all, it can make you look more confident, attractive and youthful. Whether it’s a male rhinoplasty, male facial rejuvenation procedures, male breast reduction, anti-ageing procedures, lipo or any other cosmetic procedure, men can significantly benefit from it.

Men in Australia and across the world are reporting increasing pressure to look younger. Since 1997, the number of men getting plastic surgery has increased significantly. At my clinics in Sydney and Newcastle, I’ve seen an incredible surge in men looking for minimally invasive procedures like anti-wrinkle injections as well as traditional cosmetic surgery options like face and neck lifts as well as liposuction.

If you wish to quieten that insecure voice in your head and look fab, cosmetic surgery might be the perfect solution for you. Here are the top benefits of getting cosmetic surgery:

Seven Key Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery for Men

1. Improved Confidence

Looking good often translates into feeling good and vice versa. We all dislike a thing or two about ourselves. Whether it’s our nose, patchy skin, stubborn fat deposits in certain areas, or anything else, it can result in loss of confidence which can make people suffer bigtime. With the help of cosmetic surgery, men can quieten the insecure voice in their head and look better and more confident.

2. Better Workplace Performance

Certain studies indicate that men who look good are presented with more professional opportunities. A study done in the year 2012 on Applied Financial Economics showed that real estate agents with good looks are able to sell properties at a higher place than those with average looks. Attractive people are perceived as more active, alert and intelligent. So, fixing your looks can actually boost your work life.

Men Are Using Cosmetic Plastic Surgery to Stay Competitive at Work. Did you know that 34 per cent of the Australian population over the age of 65 are still working? More than ever, men and women alike are delaying their retirement. Of course, while they are making an active contribution to the workforce, they don’t want to be dismissed. Unfortunately, while they are a fountain of wisdom and expertise, older workers are dismissed and treated as less valuable members of the team. To keep a competitive edge and stay at the top of their game, men are increasingly turning to plastic surgery to look younger.

While there’s no official data on why men are opting to go under the knife, plastic surgeons all over Australia, the US, and Europe have been reporting similar stories. In my own experience, I’ve found a large number of men focused on looking younger to give themselves a competitive edge. It’s is especially common amongst men working in a start-up or venture capital environments as well as those working in customer-facing positions.  Of course, Millennials are an essential consumer base and older people often feel- or are simply perceived to be disconnected from this group.

Moreover, our youth-obsessed culture simply views younger men as a greater asset. Appearing older can put men at a serious disadvantage in the workplace. Whether you are job hunting, attracting customers, or just looking to be seen as a powerful and relevant force in the boardroom, plastic surgery is seen by many men as a good solution.

3. Improved Mental Health

Some patients reported improvement in social anxiety after getting cosmetic surgery. If you are insecure about a particular feature, body part, it can make you feel insecure about your looks which can lead to mental health issues in some patients. With your new and improved look, there is nothing to hide.

4. Higher Income – Yes really!

We live in a world which values good looks. There are various studies that show people who are perceived as conventionally attractive earn more money than those who are perceived as average looking. If you have been working for quite a bit, you probably know the pay disparity. If you have done everything you can for your professional life, now is the time to take your looks up a notch.

5. More Attractive to your Partner

It is obvious that good looks can greatly boost your love life. It can make you appear more attractive to your partner or potential partners. Great looks can also improve your dating life if you are not in a committed relationship.

6. Improved Physical Health

While cosmetic surgery is all about improving your looks, it can also boost your physical and mental health. For instance, rhinoplasty can improve breathing along with making your nose looks fabulous. Liposuction can tone your body while simultaneously getting rid of the fat deposits; the same is the case with male breast removal surgery.

7. Look More Youthful and Energetic

Most men are not into skincare. They neglect their skin for most of their life and end up looking older than their age. With certain surgeries like facelift, eyelid lift and facial rejuvenation procedures, men can reverse the signs of ageing and look youthful and confidant.

Believe it or not, men do think about their looks – a lot!  The Centre of Appearance Research at the University of the West of England conducted a study on 394 British men. Their finds were truly shocking for any woman who thinks that men just throw on some clothes and are out the door without giving their bodies a second thought. They found that 80.7% of men talk about their body image with anxiety and focus on their perceived flaws and imperfections. In comparison, 75% of women have anxiety over their body image.

Benefits of 12 TOP Cosmetic Surgery for Men Procedures

Here is a list of top benefits of getting the following male cosmetic surgeries:

1. Benefits of Male Breast Reduction

  • The surgery gets rid of man boobs and gives you a more masculine-looking chest.
  • It can help result in a significant boost in confidence. Confidence itself can help improve all the personal and professional areas of your life.
  • Your clothes fit you a lot better, and you finally can stop hiding behind baggy clothes.
  • It can give you an improved quality of life and less embarrassment in the gym.
  • You can get relief from chafing, rashes, and irritation that occurs from having man boobs.

2. Benefits of Male Facial Rejuvenation – Facelift surgery for men

  • It makes you look youthful and erases years of your age.
  • You can look less tired – more fresh, alert and awake.
  • Facial Rejuvenation can improve the overall quality and texture of your skin.
  • Facelift surgery can help transform your looks and boost your confidence.

3. Advantages of a Male Neck Lift

  • The neck lift surgery can get rid of double chin and sagging tissues in the neck area.
  • It can help give more structure to your face by getting rid of soft, sagging tissues.
  • The surgery can help get rid of definitive lines around the neck area.
  • It gives you additional confidence and boosts your body image.

4. Benefits of Male Double Chin Injection Treatment for Male Chin Fat Reduction

  • This treatment can permanently destroy the fat cells in the chin area.
  • It can improve the contours of your chin and jaw area.
  • The treatment can help give your face a more sharp and masculine face.
  • You will likely see complete results in a matter of six months.

5. Benefits of Male Eyelid Reduction Surgery  – Upper and/or Lower Blepharoplasty

  • The surgery can help reduce eye bags underneath your eyes.
  • It can help give you a more youthful and refreshed appearance.
  • The eyelid surgery can remove the hollow appearance underneath your eyes.
  • You can look years younger than your age.
  • It improves the eye shape.

6. Male Body Contouring and Excess Skin Reduction after Weight Loss

  • It can help give you a more muscular appearance.
  • It can help get rid of skin rolls in the breast and upper back area.
  • Male body contours your overall body and gets rid of excess fat deposits.
  • Male body contouring can help get rid of rashes and skin irritation from rubbing of the skin.

7. Male Tummy Tuck  or Abdominoplasty can help reduce loose skin

  • Male abdominoplasty tightens loose skin in the stomach area.
  • It gets rid of excess skin around the tummy area, which is a common problem after weight loss.
  • Male tummy tuck gets rid of stubborn fat deposits
  • If you are a fan of a six-pack, abdominoplasty can help you inch closer to your dream body.
  • It is a great confidence booster for many men.

8. Benefits of Male Liposuction for Stubborn Fat Removal

  • Male liposuction helps to get rid of the spare tyre in the tummy area, which you definitely do not need.
  • Male liposuction also helps with Gynecomastia. Read more on How to Get Rid of Man Boobs.
  • If you have stubborn fat deposits around your arm and leg region, liposuction can help you get rid of those and achieve a contoured appearance.
  • It can help promote a positive body image overall.

9. Male Facial Skin Resurfacing or Acne Scar Treatments

  • Male skin resurfacing can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles around your face and makes you look refreshed and youthful.
  • It gets rid of spots, discolouration and redness around the face.
  • Male skin surfacing treatments tighten your skin while promoting collagen production.
  • It improves the appearance of acne scars, surgical scars and trauma scars.
  • It minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores.

10. Male Cheek Augmentation using Dermal Filler Injections

  • It improves your facial contours immediately after the treatment.
  • The treatment has no recovery team.
  • The treatment comes with minimal risks.
  • Results of make cheek augmentation are very long-lasting.
  • It is a major confidence booster for men.

11. Male Chin Strengthening/Chin or Jawline Enhancements

  • The surgery strengthens the weak and underdeveloped chin.
  • It gives the jawline a triangular shape.
  • The jawline brings about more balance to the jawline area.
  • It gives balance to your overall shape.
  • Male chin strengthening minimizes the appearance of your double chin and jawline.

12. Male Facial Rejuvenation with Laser Treatments

  • Laser treatments unclog your pores, reducing blackheads, whiteheads, and acne.
  • Your skin may appear fresher and healthier
  • It reduces negative testosterone levels on the skin.
  • Male facial rejuvenation adds a beautiful glow to the face.
  • It gets rid of smaller veins and threads on the face.

Male Cosmetic Surgery FAQs – Questions about Cosmetic Surgery for Men

What is the difference between male and female facial plastic surgery procedures?

First things first, the techniques used during male and female plastic surgery are the same. However, the main difference comes in the technique. The surgery in facial faces is done to make them appear feminine. On the other hand, surgery on male faces is done to ensure a more masculine appearance. It is important to choose a board-certified surgeon for getting all the procedures done and make sure he/she is an expert in facial anatomy.

Can male plastic surgery cater to both aesthetics and practicality?

The answer is simple; yes. There are many reconstructive plastic surgeries that correct minor defects while giving you the desired look. For instance, a corrective rhinoplasty can help not only make your nose look fabulous but also help your breathing issues. Similarly, male breast reduction surgery can help not only give you a more masculine look but also help with chafing, redness and rashes. Similarly and eyelid lift surgery makes your eyes appear youthful while simultaneously correct problems with peripheral vision.

Can I look youthful without getting surgery as a male?

Of course, you can. If you don’t wish to opt for surgical procedures that have significant downtime, you can go for non-surgical procedures. Some of the best options are laser skin resurfacing, micro-needling, anti-wrinkle injections, and skin boosters. All of these methods are sure to erase a few years of your face without leading to downtime.

Will my cosmetic surgery results look natural?

While most women like to look done up when they get plastic surgery done, most men want their plastic surgery results to be unnoticeable. If you are a man concerned about this, rest assured that your results can indeed look natural provided that you choose the right plastic surgeon. During the consultation, inform the surgeon about your expectations from the surgery

Is plastic surgery safe?

One of the most common questions we get from men is that whether any kind of physical enhancement is safe for their overall health and wellbeing or not. It all comes down to the surgeon you choose. All the surgeries, cosmetic or general, possess a certain degree of risk. However, if you choose a specialist plastic surgeon, do adequate research and follow all the pre and post-operative instructions you are more likely to succeed.

Will plastic surgery improve my confidence?

If you are conscious about your looks, constantly obsess over a particular flaw on your face/body, feel uncomfortable around others due to your aesthetics, plastic surgery will help you big time. It will quieten the little voice in your head which in turn gives you more confidence. Confidence itself is a great quality to have that helps you in life.

Will medicare or health insurance help cover my male plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgeries are considered to be elective procedures. Hence, most insurances will not pay for the surgery. However, if your aesthetic concerns are also causing physical problems such as droopy eyelids can cause issues with peripheral visions, boobs are causing chafing, skin irritation; some insurance companies might cover the surgery.

One of the most common operations that men choose is blepharoplasty, a procedure that turns back the clock by tightening up loose skin and opening up your eyes. It’s a good option for droopy eyelids as well as wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Another common request is for a stronger jawline. As men age, the dreaded so-called turkey neck begins to appear, even for men who have maintained their weight. Face and neck lifts can be an ideal way to eliminate loose skin and excess fat to create a youthful, strong jawline.

Men of all ages have found that gynecomastia surgery can be truly transformative. Whatever your age and fitness level, excess breast fat (or “man boobs” as they are often called) can be an issue that seriously impacts your wardrobe and self-confidence. A simple and safe procedure can remove excess tissue and fat to give you the body you have always dreamt of having.

Of course, men aren’t limited to any particular types of plastic surgery. While cosmetic surgery used to be considered to be catered to women, modern men have been increasingly interested in taking charge of their looks. From anti-ageing procedures to more traditional option like liposuction and nose jobs, there is a solution out there for every issue.

Ready to learn more? Dr Turner specialises in creating natural-looking results so that you can get the look that you are after, without anyone ever knowing you’ve had something done.

Male Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery – How Three Male Celebrities Inspired Millions of Men to Care About Image

Do you think women are the only ones who care about their looks? Think again! While a lot of men out there are trying for the “effortlessly” cool look, they are nonetheless putting a lot of effort into their appearance. Between clean eating, logging hours at the gym, and reading up on fashion trends, guys today have definitely stepped up their game.

One of the biggest trends for men these days is Cosmetic plastic surgery and, like so many fads, it all started out in Hollywood. Male celebrities have been getting cosmetic surgery for years and men everywhere are following suit. In fact, according to the stats for American plastic surgeons, male plastic surgery has increased a whopping 325 percent since 1997.

In my own experience, and according to plastic surgeons from around the world, men are often interested in stealing celebrity looks. The most requested facial features are the jawlines of Tom Brady, Daniel Craig and Brad Pitt. Another trending look is the newly popular and much-discussed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who seems to have many coveted features.

Who wants Male Plastic Surgery or Cosmetic Surgery for Men?

In my cosmetic clinics in Newcastle and Sydney, I’ve seen a massive increase every single year in the number of Australian men who are looking for a change. And, why not? Cosmetic surgery today is better than ever before. Using cutting edge technologies, the results are unbelievably natural looking and the procedures are safer than ever before.

With every man I meet, I hear a new story. In many cases, my patients have dealt with a lifetime of insecurity over a particular part of their body. They start to hear more about plastic surgery and how much it’s advanced in recent years. Slowly but surely, they decide they are ready to bite the bullet and come talk about it.

Why Men Get Cosmetic Surgery

We’ve seen a surge in treatments like anti-wrinkle injections that can prevent premature ageing and dermal fillers that can restore a youthful volume while filling in wrinkles.

While some men are interested in turning back the clock, others have decided it’s time to deal with old issues. Many men- young, old, fat, thin- have dealt with excess breast tissue (so-called man boobs) for their entire lives and are ready for a change. Sound familiar? Maybe you are more concerned with your nose than your chest. Whatever your case may be, there’s a solution out there that will have you feeling and looking your best.

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