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How Acccurate is Vectra 3D Imaging for Breast Implant Sizing?

Vectra 3D Imaging for Breast Implant Size Find out how Vectra 3D imaging can eliminate all the hassles of choosing the best breast implant size for your body type and aesthetic goals. If you are considering a breast augmentation or breast implant surgery, you might consider bringing pictures of celebrities with well-defined breasts during your […]

Booby Blues? – Managing Your Emotions after Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Overcoming the Booby Blues – Managing Your Emotions after Cosmetic Breast Surgery Feeling sad or depressed just after Breast Surgery happens to some breast surgery patients. It’s known as the “booby blues” or the surgical emotional rollercoaster. Finding out more about the common emotions following a cosmetic surgery can reduce your risks of mental health […]

What are the Benefits of wearing Support Garments After Breast Surgery?

Tips & Benefits of Wearing Post-Surgery Support Garments Post-surgery support garments, also known as compression garments, are worn post-operatively to help recovery after surgical procedures. They form an essential part of post-operative care following your breast surgery like breast reduction/lift, breast reconstruction, and breast augmentation surgeries. The final result of your surgery is as dependent […]

FAQs about Exercising After Breast Augmentation Surgery

For patients who are planning to have breast surgery, one of the most common questions that they may ask Dr Turner is “When can I exercise after the procedure?” or “When can I go back to the gym? Your recovery and results are dependent on closely following your surgeon’s instructions and allowing adequate time to […]

Best Breast Implant Placement – Over the Muscle, Under the Muscle or Dual Plane?

One of the most important aspects of breast augmentation is the placement of your breast implant. Although it’s not something most patients think about, the placement of your breast implant has a major influence on the results of the procedure. Let’s discuss several placement options and help you find out which one is the best. […]

Breast Augmentation FAQs – Answered

If you’re thinking about breast augmentation, you’re not alone; they’re among the most popular cosmetic surgeries, with hundreds of thousands of people choosing to undergo them every year. Even with more people getting them, but there’s still some mystery shrouding what it’s actually like to walk into an office and come out with different breasts. […]

Understanding BII – Breast Implant Illness Explained

Can Breast Implants Cause Illness? If you’ve been reading up on breast augmentation surgeries, you may have come across patient stories of BII or breast implant illness. This is a condition which some patients report experiencing after getting silicone breast implants. The symptoms of breast implant illness reported are often broad and can include things […]

Options for Saggy & Droopy Breasts – Breast Lift, Breast Implants or Both?

What Type of Breast Uplifting Surgery is Right for You? Are you considering plastic surgery to transform your breasts? The world of cosmetic surgery is full of so many different types of options and deciding what is right for you can feel like an overwhelming process. The good news, however, is that there are surgeons […]

The Benefits of Fat Transfer vs Breast Implants

Women in Australia love plastic surgery and it’s easy to see why. Modern cosmetic surgery provides incredibly natural-looking results and is safer than ever before. From quick “lunchtime procedures” like injectables to more traditional operations, plastic surgery can make you look and feel better than ever. Fat transfers, in particular, have been surging in popularity […]

Fat Grafting for Tuberous Breasts

Do you have Puffy nipples? Unusual, Pointy Shaped Breasts? You might have a condition called tuberous breast. Fortunately, it’s not something that you have to just live with for the rest of your life. From breast augmentation to areolar correction to fat grafting procedures, there are options for correcting tuberous breast. What Are Tuberous Breasts? […]


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