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History of Breast Implants

The Origins & Unusual History of Breast Augmentation Surgery and Breast Implants

Breast augmentation surgery is a highly requested procedure of Dr Turner’s, and is incredibly popular worldwide. The modern breast augmentation has come far since it’s humble beginnings on a furry patient called Esmeralda. For a brief history of this popular procedure, it’s best to start with how plastic surgery came about.

In ancient societies in Egypt, Rome, and parts of India, surgical body modifications were made to help the wounded. Of course, in these societies they didn’t have the help of modern anaesthesia, medicine, or surgical techniques. This meant that surgeries were usually reserved for people with serious damage or abnormalities. As medicine and surgical techniques evolved, it became possible to offer a range of surgeries to more patients. The first plastic surgery (by Western standards) was performed by Joseph Carpue in 1815 on a wounded World War II solider. Carpue had researched facial reconstruction in India, where surgery on damaged or abnormal noses had been occurring. Carpue performed a nose reconstruction on the wounded solider Walter Yeo – by Western standards, this is named the first facial plastic surgery.

Fast forward to the 1960’s and the first successful silicon breast augmentation had been completed. A dog named Esmeralda had survived the breast augmentation surgery, and had the silicon implants in for, ‘a couple of weeks‘ (Esmeralda wasn’t pleased by the stitches, and began chewing on them). A brave woman named Timmie Jean Lindsey volunteered to be the first human to undergo breast augmentation surgery. The procedure was a success, and the pioneering surgeons Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin were credited with the success.

These initial silicon implants were a success, but did have glitches.

Thankfully, modern silicon implants and surgical techniques have an extremely high success rate, with minimal problems.

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