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Risks associated with Twilight Sedation

Dr Turner Uses General Anaesthesia – Not Twilight Sedation for patients

Dr Turner does not perform any cosmetic breast surgery under twilight sedation due to the risks associated with administering such a large volume of local anaesthetic toxicity .

We have had a lot of enquiries from patients seeking breast implants regarding twilight sedation and the problems associated with local anaesthetic overdoses so we thought to touch base on the topic to give a better understanding for anyone considering cosmetic surgery.

What is Twilight Sedation?

Twilight sedation is where local anaesthesia is often combined with another medication that makes you drowsy and gives you amnesia.

Dr Turner chooses to use general anaesthesia for all patients undergoing breast augmentation, administered by a highly qualified anaesthetist in the operating theatre who is then able to place a breathing tube down your throat to make sure you can breathe freely without difficulty and will often use a ventilator to make sure there are no complications with the patients breathing.

Local anaesthetic overdose is preventable and caused when a doctor administers too high a dose. If a patient were to have a reaction to an overdose of local anaesthetic, there is a high chance that this may lead to death although some more common features are cardiac arrest and seizures.

The medication that is administered to make the patient drowsy will also sedate you. As you are not fully asleep during the procedure, this may result in the patient being incredibly uncomfortable and in pain during the procedure but will not remember the experience afterwards due to the memory loss side effect.

Twilight sedation is a cheaper option for clinics to provide as they are not required to have a qualified anaesthetist on site, the patient does not need to attend a proper hospital and no nursing staff are required. Dr Turner uses fully qualified anaesthetists in Sydney’s best fully accredited private hospitals to make sure his patients are always safe and comfortable throughout the procedure and in recovery.

Dr Turner’s patient’s safety and peace of mind is one of the fundamental features of your experience at Northern Beaches Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. Dr Turner is a member of ASAPS, FRACS and ISAPS, all accreditations that you should look for in a surgeon when considering cosmetic plastic surgery.

If you have any further questions on the above topic, please contact one of our friendly practice staff on 1300 437 758.


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