Top Cosmetic Surgery Myths

Busting the Common Myths about Cosmetic Surgery

Here are the Top Seven Myths about Cosmetic Surgery – how many have you heard?

Myth 1: Cosmetic surgery is shallow


Millions of people choose to have some kind of cosmetic surgery every year, and their reasons for doing so are widely varied. Cosmetic procedures are designed to improve appearance. But they can also have a significant impact on self-esteem, comfort, and confidence in everyday life.

Some people want to improve a flaw that’s bothered them since childhood; others want to turn back the aging clock. Still others choose reconstructive surgery for medical reasons following complications from accidents or diseases. For many people, cosmetic surgery is about looking on the outside how you feel on the inside.

In other words, there are a whole host of reasons for choosing plastic surgery, many of them having nothing to do with vanity.

Myth 2: All cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons have similar training


The Medical Board of Australia recognizes plastic surgery as a formal surgical specialty which requires extensive at least 12 years of medical and surgical education and at least five years of specialist postgraduate training.

Doctors with no formal surgical qualifications can call themselves cosmetic surgeons and perform cosmetic surgery, but the Australian Medical Council does not recognize cosmetic surgery as a surgical specialty.

The title ‘cosmetic surgeon’ therefore is not indicative of certain qualifications, such as would be expected of a ‘plastic surgeon’.

Plastic surgeons also vary in terms of specialty areas of focus, experience, and qualifications. When choosing a surgeon for a cosmetic or plastic surgery, make sure to ask about your doctor’s certifications and background before making a decision.

Myth 3: Cosmetic Surgery is only for rich people


This may have been true in the past, but today most procedures are well within reach. Where some people opt to save for new cars or other possessions, others choose cosmetic procedures.

Depending on the procedure and whether it’s surgical or noninvasive, cosmetic procedures can match many budgets.

Myth 4: Only women get cosmetic surgery


Plastic and cosmetic surgery is still more common for women. However, the number of men choosing plastic surgery has increased by nearly 30% since 2000. Outpatient procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections, liposuction, and other procedures are all growing in popularity among men around the world.

Myth 5: Cosmetic surgery leaves no scars and lasts forever


Surgical techniques have improved dramatically in the past decade. A skilled surgeon can often reduce scarring or conceal scars under your hairline, inside your ear, or other unobtrusive places. However, any surgical incision can leave a mark. Some procedures will also require revision over time.  

Myth 6: Breast augmentation is only for getting bigger breasts


Breasts change from aging, pregnancy, and weight changes whether you have implants or not. And implants won’t change sagging breasts.

In addition to or instead of breast implants, many people choose to get fat grafting to the breast in combination with a lift or reductions to achieve their desired appearance, shape and lift.

Myth 7: Instagram & reality TV cosmetic surgery are the norm


The depictions of cosmetic procedures showcased on social media and in popular culture aren’t always typical. It’s also hard to generalize results from one person to another. An Instagram portrayal of a nose job, for example, wouldn’t necessarily look the same on you

Many celebrity examples of plastic surgery don’t represent the reality of going under the knife. Often, the best plastic surgery is invisible, not obvious, and many people who have had plastic surgery do not show obvious signs of this.

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