Understanding Breast Implant Profile

Choosing the Best Breast Implant Profile and Projection for your Breast Surgery

Choosing the right breast implant profile and projection is vital to achieving your breast augmentation surgery goals. Dr Scott Turner is a specialist plastic surgeon in Sydney and Newcastle NSW who can help you with this decision.

What is Breast Implant Profile and Projection?

The breast implant profile is a three-dimensional description of the implant protrusion (and volume) relative to the base diameter. Essentially, the profile contains the arrangement of the 3 dimensions of the implant, while the projection represents only one dimension. Breast implant projection is the front-to-back distance of the implant.

What is Breast Implant Projection?

Implant projection is the linear measurement of the anterior-posterior dimension of an implant. It is a single, numerical dimension, whereas “profile” is a 3-dimensional descriptor of implant projection (and hence, volume) relative to its Base Diameter (BD). In essence, “profile” encompasses a permutation of all 3 implant dimensions, whereas projection represents only a single dimension

Why is Breast Implant Profile important?

The profile of a breast implant determines how far it will project forward from the chest. The level of projection achieved is determined by the width of the implant. In general, the smaller the base width of a breast implant, the farther it will project off the chest.

Making the correct choice for the precise breast implant can be challenging because of its many requirements. However, in the characteristics of the implant, the profile itself is often misunderstood. It is implied that the Implant profile which is the general shape of the implant is determined by three factors:

  • Base diameter or width
  • Volume
  • Projection

Types of Breast Implant Profiles Available from Implant Manufacturers

Popular Breast Implant manufacturers – Mentor, Motiva, Nagor, Surgiplas Allergan, etc – offer a range of profiles.

1. Low Profile Implant

This type has a base diameter that is the widest and has the smallest projection. It looks flat from the side but it can provide the breast with a moderate cleavage. Low-profile implants are recommended for women with a broader chest and a wide gap between both breasts.

2. Moderate Profile Implant

Although there is a very small base diameter difference, more projection is provided by this implant than low-profile implants. Hence, it is the gold standard for implant profiles because it helps the breasts look fuller. It is a great selection for women with a moderate body structure and wider breasts.

3. Moderate Plus Profile

It is somewhere in between a moderate and high profile. It has a base diameter smaller than a moderate profile. It is excellent for patients with a ribcage of average size and a wide breast but who want more projection.

4. High Profile Implant

It is a kind of implant that gives a large projection in comparison to the low profile and medium profile. It provides a more rounded shape due to the narrow diameter of the base hence it makes the upper pole of the breast more full. This type of implant is more suitable for small women who have a narrow chest and desire an increase in breast size.

5. Ultra-High & Very High Profile

These two profiles have a base diameter that is very narrow and helps give a more prominent look and fullness to the breast.

However, you should understand that the profile of the implant has no direct translation to its projection. The actual projection of the implant is related to the diameter of its base. Nonetheless, it should be noted that implant sizes define profile and projection.

Mentor Breast Implant Profiles

Mentor offers a full range of breast implant profiles including:

  • Moderate
  • Moderate plus
  • Moderate plus profile XTRA
  • High Profile
  • High profile XTRA
  • Ultra High Profile

Motiva Breast Implant Profiles

Motiva also offers a wide range of breast implant profiles & projections including:

  • Mini
  • Demi
  • Full
  • Corse

Many Different Options to consider for your Breast Implants and Surgery

When choosing the right implant, there are many breast implant options and surgery options to consider:

  • Implant filling type – Saline or Silicone
  • Implant size – measured in ml
  • Implant texture– smooth or textured
  • Implant shape – Round or Teardrop (Anatomical)
  • Implant projection – low or high profile
  • Placement of the breast implant – above the muscle, below the muscle, or dual plane (Between the muscle)
  • Incision site of the breast implant surgery – under breast IMF, Armpit, or other incisions

For the best results consult a specialist plastic surgeon like Dr Scott Turner.

What Factors should be taken into Account when Choosing a Breast Implant Profile?

The most suitable implant profile must take into account your preferences and your body anatomy. When choosing an implant profile, the following factors should be considered.

1. Your Chest Wall Width

Chest wall width varies in each patient and must be taken into account when choosing the implant profile. Women with wider chest walls often need wider implants, so more low-profile implants should be considered. Higher profile implants can cause too much space between the breasts with a larger projection.

2. Your Breast Position

The type of breast implant profile needed is dependent on the natural position of your breast on the chest wall. For a naturally wider breast, lower profile implants may be recommended to maintain balance. If you choose a high-profile implant, the breast may appear to “stick” to the breast. If the breasts are very close, a higher profile implant may be recommended, because a lower profile implant will make the breast appear too wide or increase the front projection a little.

3. Amount of Breast Tissue

The quantity of natural breast tissue you have plays a vital role when choosing the implant profile. When there is little normal breast tissue, implants with larger projections can help you get the full size and cleavage you need. If there is already a large amount of breast tissue, these same implants may produce excessive projection.

4. Implant Shape And Size

Another important factor to be considered for the implant profile is shape and size. Just because protruding implants can be large or ultra-high, doesn’t mean they need to be both. For example, if a patient desires moderate volume, opting for a moderate or moderate-plus profile implant rather than a larger size with an ultra-high projection is recommended.

Advantages of Different Breast Implant Profiles

Lower implant profiles are more suitable for achieving:

  • Fuller breasts on the side
  • Fuller upper portion of the breasts

Higher implant profiles are more suitable for achieving:

  • More upper pole fullness
  • Rounder breasts
The size of your implants will determine how large your breasts will be after surgery, but an implant profile will determine what your overall breast shape will be. Sometimes, picking a different profile yields better results than selecting a bigger size.

Selecting the Best Breast Implant Profile to Suit you

Various implant profiles are better suited for specific body shapes and desired outcomes. Dr Turner will help you understand how these profiles complement your body type, guiding you to choose the profile that can achieve the desired aesthetic result.

  • Physical characteristics: Dr Turner will measure your breast size in detail to customise the implant profile according to your body shape.
  • Your ideal body image: Dr Turner can use 3D imaging to preview the effects of various implant options and help you visualize the potential changes associated with each implant.

Your Breast Augmentation Goals & Desires

There are many decisions to make when planning breast augmentation, and breast implant profile is one of them. During this process, you’ll have guidance from Dr Turner in making these choices.

When you participate in a breast augmentation consultation, it is helpful to have a relatively specific goal. Share with Dr Turner your expectations for breast size, projection, shape, cleavage, feel, proportions, and overall appearance. Choosing the implant profile that best suits you will be a delicate balance between these preferences and your body anatomy.

FAQS about Breast Implant Profile

How do I choose my breast implant profile?

The whole look of the breast is influenced by the profile of the implant. Hence for the overall appearance, it is necessary to choose the correct implant. If you are seeking a more modest increase in breast size or have a smaller body frame aiming for a subtle change, a low-profile implant may be a good option. A moderate-profile implant can also be ideal if you want added projection and volume. If you want a fuller appearance, a high-profile implant may be a suitable option. It is important to discuss your goals and expected results during the consultation with Dr Turner.

What do low-profile breast implants mean?

Low profile Implants have the widest appearance and deliver minimal projection. They are relatively flat in appearance but often provide more cleavage than higher-profile implants. Low-profile implants are often ideal for women with wider chests who seek a more subtle increase in breast size and projection.

Are low-profile implants good?

Though implants with a low profile are the widest and offer minimal projection, they have a flatter look. They also provide more cleavage than higher-profile implants. Low-profile implants are a good option for women with wider chests who seek a more subtle increase in breast size and projection.

What is the most common profile for breast implants?

The moderate profile is the most commonly used profile for breast implants. It is the standard implant used for the majority of breast augmentation patients.

What is the difference between low-profile and high-profile implants?

The main difference between low-profile and high-profile breast implants lies in their projection from the chest wall. Low-profile implants have a flatter projection and a wider base, providing a more subtle increase in breast size. On the other hand, high-profile implants have a narrower base and project more prominently from the chest, resulting in a greater increase in breast size and a more pronounced appearance.

Should Your Age Determine Your Breast Implant Profile?

Your age can be a factor in determining the most suitable breast implant profile for you, but it should not be the sole determining factor. During the process of breast implant selection, Dr Turner considers various factors such as your body shape, chest width, desired outcome, and overall health.

Can you get high-profile saline implants?

You will have a more rounded appearance and more filling in the upper portion of the breast with a high-profile saline implant on your frame. This creates the most prominent cleavage of the various profile options and is ideal for small women who have a very narrow chest wall.

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