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Is Cosmetic Surgery a Taboo for Men?

  The world of taboos is constantly changing. Things that were totally shocking and unacceptable for men in our grandfather’s generation are now often just considered to be mundane. One massive thing that has changed is the way that men view their appearance. We often talk about how women feel pressured to look a certain […]

Trending Topics: Parents Giving Plastic Surgery as a Graduation Gift

What did you get when you graduated? Unless you graduated in the past five years, it likely wasn’t plastic surgery! These days, however, a visit to the doctor’s office is often what many new grads’ have on their wish lists. Parents in Sydney and around the world are giving plastic surgery as a graduation gift. […]

Plastic Surgery: How Three Celebrities Inspired Millions of Men

Think women are the only ones who care about their looks? Think again! While a lot of men out there are trying for the “effortlessly” cool look, they are nonetheless putting a lot of effort into their appearance. Between clean eating, logging hours at the gym, and reading up on fashion trends, guys today have […]

How Men Are Using Plastic Surgery to Stay Competitive at Work

Did you know that 34 per cent of the Australian population over the age of 65 are still working? More than ever, men and women alike are delaying their retirement. Of course, while they are making an active contribution to the workforce, they don’t want to be dismissed. Unfortunately, while they are a fountain of […]

How to Decide If Plastic Surgery Is Right for You

Thinking about going under the knife? As you’ve probably already realised, it is a big decision and not one that you want to jump into without giving it some serious thought. So, how do you know if it’s a good option for you? Here are some essential steps to take before you decide if plastic […]

Researching Breast Augmentation Procedure

With the growing popularity of the breast augmentation procedure, more medical practitioners in Australia and overseas offering the procedure. We thought we would take a look at what you really need to look for if you are considering any breast augmentation procedure. Heading online to research a breast augmentation procedure will give you a long […]

Plastic Surgeon vs. Cosmetic Surgeon

When searching for a plastic surgeon for any operation, many patients are not aware of the difference between plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons. Cosmetic surgery can be performed by many physicians, however they do not have the credentials that plastic surgeons work very hard to earn. This means that cosmetic surgeons are not under the […]

Why Do Surgeons Listen To Music in the Operating Theatre?

Ever wondered why surgeons listen to music in the operating theatre? All over the world, you will find surgeons listening to music as they operate. Some studies say this can help them relax and reduce stress. Two researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch have described how they invited 15 plastic surgeons to close […]

New research reveals which plastic surgery each city wants the most!

Plastic surgery statistics If you live in Brisbane, you are most likely to want breast augmentation but if you reside in Sydney, you are more likely to consider liposuction or rhinoplasty. New research has revealed what different Australian city residents are interested in when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Looking at the four major cities, […]

Gluteal Augmentation

Recent reports in the media suggest that the gluteal augmentation is becoming an increasingly popular procedure throughout Australia and the world due to social media deeming a flat rear end unattractive. The gluteal augmentation procedure is designed to give you a smooth and toned appearance to your buttocks, this can add definition and volume to […]


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