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What It’s Really Like to Get Lip Injections

What woman doesn’t want plumper lips? While you probably know that lip injections can make your lips look bigger, you might have the wrong impression of what this procedure really does. Many women associate lip injections with a dramatically inflated pucker like that of Kylie Jenner. Although that can definitely be a great look for […]

What’s the Best Age for a Facelift?

There are many different schools of thought when it comes to the best age to get a facelift. While some people talk about getting so-called “preventative” facelifts, other wait until they are well into their 60s. So, when is the best time for a facelift? Ultimately, the answer is: it depends. The ideal age for […]

Catch Dr Turner on the Style Network’s Unveiled

Foxtel’s Style Network is launching their new show _773745a5_ this Friday 7th April. Unveiled is a six-part cosmetic surgery reality TV series that unveils transformed brides & grooms on their wedding day. Experience the journey of each couple as they undertake a mix of surgical and non-surgical procedures in an effort to look their best for their […]

Predicting 5 Top Cosmetic Procedures for 2017

Last year we saw the rising trend of lip fillers during the advent of the ‘Kylie Jenner’ obsessive generation. This time period is generally characterised by the impact of celebrities who ‘bare all’ about their physical modifications to allow cosmetic enhancement to step out of the shadows and onto the red carpet. Consumers are now […]

Say goodbye to double chins, and say hello to BELKYRA

Have you ever felt insecure about the fullness under the chin, or as most people may call it, the double chin? Well.. did you know that 67% of patients (American Society for Dermatologic Surgery) were concerned and bothered by their double chin? This was a similar number to the percentage of people who are bothered […]

Dr Turner’s battle: The fight against the stigma of plastic surgery

Before you book a consultation with Dr Turner, you may research that he is a specialist plastic surgeon with a prosperous career and an accomplished medical education to back him up. However it’s not just the impressive array of accolades that result in successful surgeries, it’s Dr Turner’s casual yet professional approach towards all his […]

Non Surgical Solutions: VelaShape III

VelaShape III is a non surgical treatment providing a toning and firming of the skin surface. It is a no-downtime procedure that is often used to combat problems areas such arms, back, abdomen, flanks, thighs, bottom and knees. This procedure is often used in conjunction with CoolSculpting, a treatment that uses controlled cooling to safely […]

Your Mummy Makeover Specialist is Here!

Mums, this summer we are celebrating you! Slip into something more comfortable this summer with our Mummy Makeover. With each makeover catered specifically to your needs, the joy of both motherhood and womanhood are united and embraced. Utilising a comprehensive, custom-designed cosmetic enhancement plan, Dr Turn- er combines a variety of treatments into a singular […]

Labiaplasty – Restoring Confidence in YOU

What is a Labiaplasty? A Labiaplasty is often referred to as a ‘vaginal rejuvenation’, a procedure where the size and shape of the labia minora or labia majora is altered cosmetically. With age and childbirth the labia and surrounding vaginal tissue, both external and internal, can change in shape, size and tone, which leads to […]

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed worldwide and provides the patient with a more youthful, lifted breast with improved shape. After a breast reduction, many women report dramatically improved self-confidence and a sense of femininity. Women of all ages including teenagers, women after childbearing and post-menopausal women have all sought […]


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Dr Scott J. Turner

Dr Turner has spent a lifetime acquiring the qualifications, education, training and hands on experience to perform superior cosmetic plastic surgery to give you the natural, beautiful results and improved sense of well-being you want.

Dr Turner has set himself apart from the masses of other cosmetic surgeons. His goal has remained the same from the day he elected to become a surgeon: to provide his patients with natural, beautiful results. Today, his thriving practice is testament to what he set out to achieve from the very beginning: changing a person’s quality of life, through self-improvement.

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