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Keira Maguire says fame and the spotlight sent her confidence spiralling. Now, in an NW exclusive, she shows off the results of her breast implant surgery with Dr Turner .
In an exclusive New Weekly interview with the blonde bombshell, she reveals that since being thrust into the spotlight her confidence has taken a direct hit, explaining, since the surgery “I have the best boobs I’ve ever seen,”
Watch Dr Turner on Unveiled in a six-part cosmetic surgery reality TV series that unveils transformed brides & grooms on their wedding day. Experience the journey of each couple as they undertake a mix of surgical and non-surgical procedures in an effort to look their best for their special day
Watch these amazing Medical transformations, follow Zanas journey and her Breast Augmentation, performed by Dr Turner in episode 6 of the Changing Faces series on Foxtel Style.
Dr Turner promoting with Vogue Australia magazine, here is another sneak peek at one of many articles on the quality work and service you receive with Dr Turner and the staff at Northern Beaches Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.
Dr Turner discusses the importance of doing your homework before undertaking breast augmentation surgery, so you can make the decision with confidence.
In another exclusive interview with Val Lehman, one of many celebrity patients of Dr Turner! Read all about her makeover journey and experience and how its changed her life!
Watch the Daily Edition interview with Val Lehman as she discusses her Makeover with Dr Turner. Hear all about her life changing transformation and her praise for Dr Turner and his team!

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