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Facelift: Everything You Need to Know

Looking old can make you feel old, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Have you ever stared at your reflection, wishing you could tighten up sagging skin? Would you like a little less droop around your jaw? You may want to consider a facelift. As with any medical procedure, it’s important to understand […]

Your Top 6 Questions About Breast Augmentation – Answered

If you’re thinking about breast augmentation, you’re not alone; they’re among the most popular cosmetic surgeries, with hundreds of thousands of people choosing to undergo them every year. Even with more people getting them, but there’s still some mystery shrouding what it’s actually like to walk into an office and come out with different breasts. […]

Do Breast Implants Cause Illness?

If you’ve been reading up on breast augmentation surgeries, you may have come across stories of “breast implant illness,” a condition which some patients report experiencing after getting silicone breast implants. The symptoms of breast implant illness reported are often broad and vague, and include things like: Fatigue Joint pain Headaches New food allergies or […]

The 7 Top Myths About Cosmetic Surgery: Explained

Myth: Cosmetic surgery is shallow Reality: Millions of people choose to have some kind of cosmetic surgery every year, and their reasons for doing so are widely varied. Cosmetic procedures are designed to improve appearance. But they can also have a significant impact on self-esteem, comfort, and confidence in everyday life. Some people want to […]

Instagram-Inspired Plastic Surgery: Trends to Watch

Over a lifetime, the average millennial will take over 25,000 selfies. Even if you don’t take selfies, you’re likely to see a lot of yourself on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or other digital media over the course of your everyday life. Given that we spend an average of over two hours every day on social media, […]

Insider Guide to Finding a Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust

Plastic surgery is a major decision. Whether you are looking to get a body contouring or facial enhancement procedure, finding the right plastic surgeon is a critical step. It is essential to find a doctor who is highly trained and skilled in the specific procedure that you’d like to have. Just as importantly, it is […]

Plastic Surgery Trends from Around the World

The world of plastic surgery is constantly evolving. Combing ever-changing beauty trends with constantly progressing medical techniques, there are always new cosmetic surgery trends evolving. From Sydney to Seoul to Sacramento, plastic surgeons are seeing a wide range of requests from men and women looking to change things up from head to toe.   The […]

The Biggest Trends in Plastic Surgery We’ve Seen This Year

Fashion is always changing and so is the world of plastic surgery. Every year, we see new trends. Men and women of all ages are always looking for ways to fresh up their looks. From Australia to Austria, things are forever changing. At Dr Turner’s clinics in Sydney, Newcastle, and Dee Why, we’ve been seen […]

The New “Melania Trump Makeover” Cosmetic Surgery Trend

Things are always changing in the world of plastic surgery. While some beauty ideals are timeless, we are always seeing new sources of inspiration. From classic beauties like Grace Kelly to women we’ve been hearing about for decades like Angelina Jolie, we see countless celebrities photos at Dr Turner’s practices in Sydney, Dee Why, and […]

Trends from the World’s Plastic Surgery Capital

While plastic surgery is more popular than ever before in Sydney, we are far from the world’s plastic surgery capital. In fact, even places synonymous with flawless beauty like Hollywood and Rio de Janeiro aren’t leading the world in plastic surgery. Believe it or not, Seoul, South Korea is the place with more plastic surgeries […]


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