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Is Cosmetic Surgery a Taboo for Men?

  The world of taboos is constantly changing. Things that were totally shocking and unacceptable for men in our grandfather’s generation are now often just considered to be mundane. One massive thing that has changed is the way that men view their appearance. We often talk about how women feel pressured to look a certain […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Mummy Makeovers

As a mum, it’s probably hard to remember a time without your little ones. You probably do remember your pre-baby body though! If you are like most women, you’ve noticed some less-than-welcome changes after becoming a mum. The good news is that you don’t have to just live with those changes. Plastic surgery today is […]

What Type of Breast Augmentation is Right for You?

Are you considering plastic surgery to transform your breasts? The world of cosmetic surgery is full of so many different types of options and deciding what is right for you can feel like an overwhelming process. The good news, however, is that there is a perfect option for each and every woman. If you are […]

Trending Topics: Parents Giving Plastic Surgery as a Graduation Gift

What did you get when you graduated? Unless you graduated in the past five years, it likely wasn’t plastic surgery! These days, however, a visit to the doctor’s office is often what many new grads’ have on their wish lists. Parents in Sydney and around the world are giving plastic surgery as a graduation gift. […]

A Surprising New Plastic Surgery Trend

Working in Sydney and Newcastle, Dr Turner has seen and heard it all. After meeting with countless patients, it is amazing to see what diversity there is in the world. For every woman who wants larger breasts, there is another woman who wants smaller breasts. For each man who wants a smaller nose, there is […]

Plastic Surgery: How Three Celebrities Inspired Millions of Men

Think women are the only ones who care about their looks? Think again! While a lot of men out there are trying for the “effortlessly” cool look, they are nonetheless putting a lot of effort into their appearance. Between clean eating, logging hours at the gym, and reading up on fashion trends, guys today have […]

Do I Truly Want Cosmetic Surgery?

Deciding to get cosmetic surgery is a highly personal decision and it’s one choice that you definitely don’t want to jump into. To decide if you truly want cosmetic surgery, let’s look at some common reasons why real women choose to get plastic surgery and break down some of the myths out there. Why Women […]

Deciding the Best Time for a Face Lift

There is an incredible array of anti-ageing options out there. From creams and lotions to face lifts and Botox, we have more choices today than ever before. Best of all, these treatments are more effective than we could have imagined just ten years ago. Forget everything that you think you may know about face lifts! […]

New Green Plastic Surgery Trend: Recycling Body Fat

Looking to go green? You are going to love Sydney’s newest “green” plastic surgery trend. Recycling body fat, also known as fat grafting, is an incredible option for creating totally natural looking results using your body’s own fat. An Alternative to Implants Fat grafting, also known as a fat transfer or fat injection, is an alternative […]

How Men Are Using Plastic Surgery to Stay Competitive at Work

Did you know that 34 per cent of the Australian population over the age of 65 are still working? More than ever, men and women alike are delaying their retirement. Of course, while they are making an active contribution to the workforce, they don’t want to be dismissed. Unfortunately, while they are a fountain of […]


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