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Lip enhancement using dermal fillers is one of our most popular non-surgical treatments, offering instant and long-lasting results. So, if you always wished that your lips were more noticeable, a lip enhancement can give you those luscious lips you always desired.

The lip enhancement procedure is performed by our Cosmetic Physician or Dr Turner at at Skin Atelier in Newcastle or Sydney.. They will artistically reshape your lips, not just overfill them using a soft dermal filler to ensure the results are subtle and natural-looking lip enlargement.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Lip Enhancement?

Everyone can agree that a beautiful smile can provide an enormous benefit to a women’s self-confidence, helping them look more youthful and radiant, with or without makeup.

•  Some of the benefits of a lip enhancement include
•  Create fuller and more shapely lips
•  Removing fine lines around the mouth (smoker’s lines)
•  Enhancing the definition of the lips
•  Correct lip asymmetry
•  Revolumizing ageing lips
•  Correct excessive dental show

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What woman doesn’t want plumper lips? While you probably know that lip injections can make your lips look bigger, you might have the wrong impression of what this procedure really does.

Many women associate lip injections with a dramatically inflated pucker like that of Kylie Jenner. Although that can definitely be a great look for many women, it certainly isn’t for everyone and it is not amongst the most popular options for lip injections. In reality, for every boldly voluminous pair of lips that you see, there are another hundred women walking around Sydney with completely undetectable lip injections.

While many women love the pillowy lips of ladies like Angelina Jolie, it is a look that doesn’t necessarily suit every face. Rather than copying the looks of famously beautiful women, most people who come in for lip injections are looking for a subtle enhancement that is customised to their own faces.

One of the most common reasons that women get lip injections is to enhance their upper lips. Many women have a voluminous bottom lip with a thin top lip. Lip injections can add just enough volume to balance your lips and create a totally natural look. In fact, a lot of patients at the Medispa by Dr Turner come back and say that they’ve received tons of compliments but even their closest girlfriends never suspect that they’d had anything surgically enhanced.

In addition to just adding volume, many women use lip injections as a corrective procedure. Did you know that lip injections can actually remove fine lines around your mouth? If you’ve quit smoking but have been left with smoker’s lines, this is the perfect way to treat yourself for quitting! Lip injections can also correct lip asymmetry and add volume back to ageing lips.

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Which Areas Of The Lip Are Treated?

The lips are one of the most defining features of the face and are made up of many unique components which need to be considered carefully during a lip enhancement procedure. As everyone’s lip shape is different, the treatment for lip enhancement needs to be customized to your unique anatomy and the result your seeking. We assess the components individually:

•  Cupids bow
•  Philtrum ridge
•  Vermillion border
•  Oral commissure
•  Upper and lower lip

The Lip Enhancement With Dermal Filler Procedure

To ensure the lip enhancement procedure is as comfortable as possible we use a few small injections of local anaesthetic and topical numbing cream to the lips before we start the treatment. Once the lips are numb, we carefully mark the areas to be enhanced using an eyeliner pencil.

Our technique uses a combination of cannula and needle injection techniques in lip enhancement depending on the components of the lip that are being augmented. This is the safest techniques available. Using the cannula technique to the body of the lip minimise bruising which can develop and is more comfortable. While using a needle technique to the lip border and philtrum ridge gives the most accuracy and control in these areas. The actual injections to perform the lip enhancement only takes a few moments and the whole treatment is done in 30 minutes.

After the lip injections, patients can return to normal activities immediately but it is recommended not to rub the lips. It is expected that the lip will swell over the first 2-3 days after the treatment and look overcorrected… this is normal. The swelling settles over the first week. We recommend that you are reviewed after 2 weeks to assess the final result to determine if any touch up is required.

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What’s it like to get Lip Injections

Getting lip injections is a quick process. When you visit Dr Turner’s Medispa, you’ll receive a local anaesthetic and topical numbing cream. Before you actually have any injections, Dr Turner will ensure that your lips are numb so that the injections are painless.

During the procedure, Dr Turner uses a combination of cannula and needle injection techniques. While other techniques are available, this method is widely considered to be the safest technique. It minimises the risk of bruising and provides the highest level of accuracy and control.

The entire treatment only takes 20 to 30 minutes. After the lip injections, you can return to your normal routine with no downtime. You will find that your lips are a bit swollen for two to three days afterwards but this won’t interfere with eating or drinking. Your lips might actually look a bit overcorrected but the swelling will quickly go down. Before the end of the first week, you can expect to see the final results of your lip injections.

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How Long Do The Lip Enhancement Injections Last

You’ll immediately see volume after your lip enhancement injections. While there is some initial swelling at first, you’ll see your final results after one week. After the procedure, the majority of women find that the results of their lip injections last anywhere from six to eight months.

We recommend that you return to see the Dr Turner Medispa every six months to add filler to maintain the look of your new lips.

With the modern dermal fillers used in our treatments, most clients can get results that last between 6 – 9 months. To maintain the effect, it is best to get follow up treatments every 6 months to maintain the effect. If you decide you don’t like the results then your lips will return to their pre-treatment appearance gradually after 6 months.

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