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Non-Surgical Lip Lift with Botox in Newcastle & Sydney NSW

Lip flip is a minor cosmetic procedure that uses Botox to make the upper lips look fuller and bigger.

It’s an excellent alternative to lip fillers and lip lift surgery. A lip flip with Botox can relax the muscles around the mouth, causing the upper lip to “flip” upward and appear larger. It’s excellent for women who have a thin upper lip that disappears when they smile. It also helps hide the gums if they’re showing when you smile. The lip flip procedure results are temporary and can last around 2 to 3 months. The Botox injections will need to be repeated every few months.

Dr Turner is one of the best facial plastic surgeons in Sydney and Newcastle. His nurse injector team offers various surgical and non-surgical methods to make the lips look plumper and improve your smile. The lip flip procedure is performed by our Cosmetic Nurse Injectors at Skin Atelier in Newcastle or Sydney.

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What is a Lip Flip?

A lip flip procedure is a minor cosmetic procedure of the lips. It’s a non-surgical method to make the upper lip look plumper and fix a gummy smile. It involves injecting Botulinum Toxin (Botox) into the skin around the mouth to cause the upper lip to “evert” outward and drop slightly downward, covering the upper gum.

Botox is a neurotoxin that causes muscle paralysis. In a lip flip, Botox is strategically injected into the corners of the mouth and the Cupid’s bow (upper curvy border of the lip, also called vermillion). This will relax the muscles that are holding your lip down, causing the upper lip to become more exposed.

A lip flip is a perfect choice for those who have a thin upper lip that disappears when they smile. It makes the upper lip more prominent and makes the Cupid’s bow more apparent (more curvy upper lip). Moreover, a lip flip makes your upper gum less visible when smiling (if you have a “gummy” smile).

A lip flip, like lip fillers, is a great non surgical alternative to lip lift surgery.

Lip Flip vs Lip Fillers

Both lip flip and dermal fillers are excellent ways to make your lips look fuller without surgery. Nevertheless, a lip flip has the advantage of delivering more natural-looking results.

In contrast to lip fillers, a lip flip involves no injection of bulky materials into the lips. There’s no extra unnatural volume given to the lips. Instead, the Botox injections just change how the lips look giving the “illusion” of a more voluminous appearance. Lip lift is also the preferred option if you have gums showing when you smile.

Lip fillers, on the other hand, involve injecting bulking materials (usually Hyaluronic acid) to plump the lips. Although this can lead to more durable results and more voluminous lips, the appearance is somewhat less natural-looking. It also doesn’t help your gums.

Lip Lift Surgery vs Lip Flip

A lip lift is a surgery to permanently increase the upper lip size. An incision is made below the nose, and the upper lip is lifted and rotated outward. It has a similar cosmetic appearance to the non-surgical lip flip. However, a lip lift is a surgical procedure. This means that skin incision and anaesthesia are involved.

The top advantage of the lip lift is, of course, that the results are practically permanent. No need for Botox injections every few months.


Who Needs a Lip Flip?

Since there are several options to boost the upper lip volume, you should know which one is the best option for you. You should consider a lip flip if:

  • You have a thin upper lip that disappears when you smile
  • Your gums are showing when you smile (gummy smile)
  • You want to avoid surgery
  • You only want subtle changes done
  • You want to avoid injecting fillers into the lips
  • You have no problem getting Botox injections every few months

If this sounds like you, then a lip flip is an excellent option to make your lips look bigger without surgery. It achieves subtle changes for natural-looking plump lips.

Benefits of Lip Flip

A lip flip comes with a lot of benefits. This makes it one of the most popular facial cosmetic procedures we perform in our clinics. A lip flip:

  • Makes the upper lip look bigger without surgery
  • Hides the upper gum when you smile (solution for gummy smile)
  • Prevents your upper lip from disappearing when you smile
  • Makes the upper lip look more curvy (lifts cupid’s bow)
  • Boosts your self-esteem and satisfaction with your smile

Moreover, some technical advantages make some patients prefer the Botox lip flip to other lip augmentation procedures: 

  • An affordable way to make the lips bigger (compared to fillers and surgical lip lift)
  • Very quick procedure
  • No anaesthesia involved
  • No hospital stay
  • Fast recovery – usually no more symptoms within 48 hours

How is Lip Flip Performed

The lip flip with Botox is a fairly straightforward procedure to increase lip size. Since the procedure is so short and not very painful, there’s no need to numb the lips before giving the Botox injections. Nevertheless, if you’re afraid of needles or want absolutely no pain, then a local anaesthetic can be given.

You’ll be seated in a comfortable surgical chair. The cosmetic nurse injector will clean the area around the mouth with antiseptics. She will then strategically inject Botox into the corners of the mouth and along the Cupid’s bow. She will do multiple injections to target different muscle groups.

With each injection, you will feel a slight needle prick and a pressure-like sensation under your skin. The pain is very well tolerated in the majority of patients.

The whole procedure takes 10-20 minutes to perform. Once done, you can go home to go about your day without any limitations.

Recovery after a Lip Flip Procedure

One of the top advantages of the non-surgical lip flip is that it requires minimal recovery time and has minimal side effects.

After the procedure, you might experience some pain, swelling, and minimal bruising around the lips. However, most of these will be gone within a couple of days.

You can go back to work, do sports, and resume your daily routine as early as the same day of a lip flip.

You should, however, avoid smoking, pressing on your lips, kissing, and cosmetics for the first few days just until the results settle. Otherwise, you might spread the Botox into other areas of the face.

Results after Lip Flip

It usually takes 2-3 days for the results of a lip flip by Botox to appear. The botulinum toxin needs some time to work. After a couple of days, your lips will look fuller with more of them showing.

The results of a Botox lip flip usually last 4-6 months, sometimes even more. You will need to have lip flip injections a few times a year to maintain your plump upper lip.

Side Effects of Lip Flip

Injecting Botox to make the lips fuller is very safe. However, an extremely rare complication of Botox injections is “botulism”. That’s when the toxin spreads to other parts of the face. It can cause problems with swallowing, talking, vision, and speaking.

Moreover, a lip flip can have some annoying (but non-dangerous) side effects. Since a lip flip involves injecting botulinum toxin into the skin, it might interfere with the movement of your lips, causing symptoms like:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Problem with pronouncing certain letters
  • Inability to whistle
  • Trouble with drinking water or chewing food
  • Asymmetric lips

These symptoms, if they occur, should gradually improve as the effect of the Botox reduces with time. Other side effects like itching, dizziness, and headache might also briefly occur after Botox injections.

Alternatives to Lip Flip

Lip flip with Botox is not the only way to boost the size of the lips. There are other techniques you can opt for:

  • Surgical lip lift: A surgical lip lift permanently flips the upper lip outward. No need for repeated injections every now and then. It produces a fuller appearance, just like the Botox lip flip
  • Lip fillers: Lip fillers are bulking materials, such as hyaluronic acid, injected into the upper lip to give it more volume. They lead to larger lips compared to a lip flip
  • Lip implants: For some patients, synthetic lip implants might be an option to permanently make the lips plump (Dr Turner does not perform lip implants)

Is Lip Flip Worth It?

Yes. If you have a thin upper lip or a gummy smile, then a lip flip with Botox is worth it. It is a very simple procedure, generally affordable, and leads to magnificent results. It requires virtually no downtime too.

A lip flip with Botox can fix your gummy smile without surgery. It can make your upper lip appear fuller without needing fillers. According to RealSelf Worth It Ratings, 96% of patients getting lip augmentation with injectables or fillers consider the procedure worth it.

Lip Flip FAQs

What is lip flipping?

A lip flip is a technique to make the upper lip appear fuller without surgery. It’s only a non-surgical technique to fix a gummy smile. It involves Botox injections around the mouth. Botox relaxes the muscles holding the upper lip, making it roll outward and become more exposed.

Do lip flips work?

Yes! Lip flips have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years for their effectiveness and results. However, Botox injections of the lips need to be repeated every few months to maintain the results.

Is a lip flip better than filler?

The answer depends on what your cosmetic goals are. A lip flip produces more subtle changes. It slightly shows more volume and solves the gummy smile problem. Lip fillers give more volume and allow more definition of the lips.

How long does it take for a lip flip to work?

A lip flip needs 2-3 days to settle. The botulinum toxin will go into effect during this time and cause the muscles around the mouth to relax.

How long does a lip flip last?

A lip flip can last up to 6 months in some cases. A more conservative estimation would be 2 to 4 months. By then, most women will need repeat injections to restore the original results.

Can you kiss after a lip flip?

No. You should avoid any trauma or pressure on the lips during the first couple of days of lip flip recovery. Excessive pressure can spread the botulinum toxin to other parts of the face, ruining your results and causing side effects.

Does lip flip shorten philtrum?

No. A lip flip does not shorten the philtrum, however, it gives the appearance of a shorter philtrum.

Can you reverse a lip flip?

No. You cannot reverse a Botox lip flip. If you are unsatisfied with the results, you can either have additional injections to improve them or you can wait for the Botox to wear off in a few months.

Can I plump my lips without Botox?

Yes. Lip fillers, lip implants, and a surgical lip lift are all alternatives to lip flip with Botox.

Does lip flip help with a gummy smile?

Yes. A lip flip with Botox is an excellent non-surgical procedure to deal with a gummy smile. The Botox injections relax the upper lip, causing it to drop slightly down. This hides a good portion of the gums, effectively fixing your gummy smile.

Further Reading and Medical Sources about Lip Flip or Fillers

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