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Dr Turner will evaluate your medical history, examine your abdomen and consider factors such as the size and shape of your abdominal area, the quality of your skin and the position. From there 3D images will be taken where you will be able to see the before and after to get a sense of what your abdominal area will look like.


No referral is necessary to see Dr Turner for as there is no Medicare or private health fund rebate available.


Dr Turner performs all surgical procedures in hospital at fully accredited operating facilities where you will be placed under a general anaesthesia and stay overnight at the hospital. After your operation Dr Turner will visit you while you are still in the hospital and then see you one week after surgery in his rooms.

General anaesthesia provides the best operating conditions for surgery. When the patient is under a general the body is in a relaxed state and so are the muscles in the body. General anaesthesia is very safe and these operating conditions cannot be achieved under “twilight sedation”.


To prevent accumulation of post surgery fluids, small drainage tubes are placed beneath the skin and removed several days after surgery. During recovery in hospital you will wear comfortable dressings and support garments on your abdomen. Any soreness is controlled with pain relief medication.

Abdominoplasty is major surgery, you will need to take a few weeks break from work. We will show you some gentle exercises to help you achieve full recovery in good time. The results are immediate however the swelling and discomfort will last for a couple of weeks.

In the first couple of days you will need to keep your knees slightly and back slightly bent due to initial post surgery tightness. It is important to start moving around after surgery to promote blood circulation, with bending and lifting to be avoided. The first couple of days post surgery are generally the most painful particularly when you are moving around or coughing.


The recovery period following this surgery varies from person to person but most patients are back to their normal routine approximately in 1 month. The abdominal area will be sensitive for 2-3 weeks or so following surgery and should be handled according to your own level of tolerance and comfort. Dr Turner will advise you regarding returning to work taking into account your job demands. You may be able to return to light work like administrative work within3-4 weeks, as per Dr Turner’s advice.


Scars from abdominoplasty are permanent but they usually fade substantially after 12 months. Dr Turner will explain the likely extent of abdominoplasty scarring during your initial consultation when you will be show before and after images of previous patients to indicate the results you can expect.


Becoming pregnant after abdominoplasty plastic surgery will not cause any problems during pregnancy but the skin tissues may stretch again reducing the benefits of your procedure.

Future pregnancies and other likely significant weight fluctuations can undermine your abdominoplasty results. It is best for women to only consider this surgery if they are not planning to have more children. For all abdominoplasty patients, weight stability following the surgery contributes to the permanence of results.


If you skin looseness and sagging is restricted to the lower part of the abdomen, you may achieve good results from a ‘mini’ abdominoplasty. A lower abdominoplasty has a faster recovery time and produces less scarring than the full procedure. Dr Turner can show you before and after images of past patients taken with our 3D Vectra imaging simulation.

If muscles do not require tightening and skin is not stretched or sagging then is an alternative to a full or lower abdominoplasty procedure. Liposuction is a less invasive plastic surgery procedure that only removes abdominal fat and does not remove or tighten excess skin. Dr Turner will advise which procedure you qualify for and is the best for your physique.


Abdominoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic plastic surgery procedures undertaken by women and men around the world. All plastic surgery carries some risk and Dr Turner will carefully explain all known abdominoplasty complications during your first consultation.


An improvement from your abdominal shape is noticeable immediately after your plastic surgery, although there will be swelling for the first few weeks. After a few weeks, you will see a firmer shape and new contour in the abdominal area.


Abdominoplasty results are long lasting because of the tightening of muscles to their new position and the removal of sagging skin. All patients can expect to keep their new shape for many years by maintaining a steady wright and for women, by having no more pregnancies. Over time, weight gain, gravity and ageing may loosen the abdominal tissue.


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Dr Turner has spent a lifetime acquiring the qualifications, education, training and hands on experience to perform superior cosmetic plastic surgery to give you the natural, beautiful results and improved sense of well-being you want.

Dr Turner has set himself apart from the masses of other cosmetic surgeons. His goal has remained the same from the day he elected to become a surgeon: to provide his patients with natural, beautiful results. Today, his thriving practice is testament to what he set out to achieve from the very beginning: changing a person’s quality of life, through self-improvement.

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