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Mummy Makeover FAQ’s

Mummy Makeover FAQ’s

I have had my babies by caesarean section will the mummy makeover be able to improve the appearance of my abdomen?

After caesarean section you may have a poor scar that can be rectified during a tummy tuck procedure. Also during a tummy tuck the stretching of the underlying muscles and skin can occur whether you have had a caesarean section or vaginal delivery and both can be corrected by a tummy tuck procedure.

What if I end up having another baby after I have a mummy makeover?

It is highly recommend to wait until you have finished having your children . The benefits of your new improved body contour or breast shape may be lost by the addition of another child.

Will I need to stay in hospital after a mummy makeover?

Depending on the procedure – most of the mummy makeover procedures are day surgery, or overnight at most. The exception is a tummy tuck procedure where you are generally in hospital for 2 days.

How long until I can resume normal activities if I have the mummy makeover for my stomach and breasts?

You may require some assistance at home with the little ones for 1 to 2 weeks before you are able to perform most of your normal activities including driving. It is important to realize that your final aesthetic outcome can take up to a year.

Is there much pain after the surgery?

You may have some swelling and discomfort, but any pain should be well controlled with oral medication.

What will the scarring be like?

Depending on the procedure there may be very minimal scarring. With tummy tuck and breast lift / reduction procedures the scars can seem extensive at the start but once they are fully matured they are barely visible.

I have a lot of stretch marks on my tummy and on my breasts will the mummy makeover help them?

A tummy tuck can generally remove most of the stretch marks on the lower aspect of the abdomen below the umbilicus (belly button).Those few stretch marks in the upper part of the stomach will be pulled down to the groin and should also be less noticeable.

On the breast, the stretch marks in the lower aspect of the breast are generally removed in a breast lift procedure – other stretch marks that are still visible can often be improved by other procedures such as laser treatments.

I heard that a tummy tuck can sometimes improve back pain as I have chronic back pain and a very lose skinned tummy?

There are several medical benefits from a tummy tuck procedure – improving the core musculature of the abdomen can improve lower back pain and also mild incontinence.

Is there any Medicare rebate for mummy makeovers?

There are Medicare rebates for some of the mummy makeover procedure and if you also have health insurance then a significant proportion of the fee is covered.


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