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This procedure is performed to correct dissimilarity in breast size, shape or alignment of the nipple. Many women will have one breast which is slightly larger than the other, and this is generally less than a bra cup size. Breast asymmetry can be caused by pregnancy, menopause or genetics. However in some instances there are women who notice that one breast is distinctly larger in shape and size than the other. In these instances breast asymmetry can help.

This procedure is conducive to be the most successful when the breasts are different in size only. In circumstances where the breasts differ in shape as well as size, this is more ambiguous.


Some women are impaired by a condition known as tuberous’ breasts. Fundamentally, this occurs where the breasts are shaped like tubes, hence the name. The breast manifests as tubular in shape rather than conical. In such cases surgery can help by utilizing breast implants to increase the size of the breasts and give a natural rounded appearance. can also assist if a patient has nipple asymmetry (where the nipple is positioned abnormally from the other).

In instances where the patient has one breast which differs in size and shape in comparison to the other breast; breast asymmetry surgery is an option. This is achieved by conducting surgery (increasing the size of the breast) or by (reducing the size of the breast).


A general anaesthetic will be administered. Dr Turner will make a small incision in the natural crease under the breast (breast crease). A combination of techniques may be adopted to perform a breast lift, and surgery. The procedure may last 1 hour to 4 hours depending on the approach used.

The objective is to balance the size and shape of the breasts in order that they are symmetrical. This particular surgery can also correct breast ptosis (breast drooping).


You will notice that breasts appear much more symmetrical. It will rely on which technique Dr Turner has used, however your breast will be higher, toned and firmer in appearance. Both breasts will appear evenly balanced and alike, they may not however be 100% perfect, as this is impossible to achieve.

They will manifest as equally proportioned and any dissimilarity will be very difficult to verify. Most patients feel a marked increase in confidence and specify that they are extremely happy with their results. Patient expectations play a fundamental part in the entire process, therefore if you have realistic expectations the results will also be pragmatic.


As applicable to any surgical procedure, there are small risks involved. Even though rare, complications may arise such as bleeding, infection, excessive pain, and shortness of breath. There could be a reduction in nipple sensation, haematoma development, capsular contracture, and fluid formation around the implant.


If you have had a breast augmentation as part of your procedure your breast implants will generally last for approximately ten to fifteen years. After this period has passed you will need to have them removed and replaced. The ageing process, pregnancy, childbirth and gravity can also have an impact on your breasts. Future surgery may be needed if you have experienced excessive weight loss.


These consultations are designed to review your post operative progress. Here at the Northern Beaches cosmetic Plastic Surgery we prefer to check on your progress at 1 week, 3-4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and at the twelve month periods. During these visits, breast symmetry, breast volume, wound care, scar examination, post operative images will be taken, and exercise regimes will be advised. Dr Turner will discuss any issues you may have during the consultations and address them accordingly.


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