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Breast Implants

Breast Implants

Breast implants have advanced significantly since the days of runny, liquid silicone or saline breast implants. Combined with improved surgical techniques, the refinements in the composition of the inner cohesiveness of the silicone gel with more resilient outer breast implant shell have made breast augmentation surgery safer with more reliable and natural results.

Modern-day form stable / cohesive gel technology, where the implant contains semi-solid silicone gel, gives you important advantages like:

•  Better preservation of breast shape
•  Minimal gel bleed or seepage
•  Minimal risk of implant rupture
•  Lower risk of capsular contraction


One of the most important aspects to women seeking breast augmentation is choosing the right implant size. Dr Turner will guide you through this difficult and often confusing process. During your consultations, Dr Turner will help choose an implant that best fits your breast, rather than making your breast fit an inappropriate implant with the potential long term complications that result from this. There are a number of tools available that we utilize during the consultation to help you choose the size to give you the breast shape you desire with confidence.

Tissue based planning

Dr Turner will take multiple measurements of your breast, including width, height and skin elasticity as well as point out any asymmetry of your breast and underlying chest wall.

Volume Sizing System

You will have the opportunity to trial different sizers within a garment to simulate what your augmented breast will look like using the latest Mentor Volume Sizing System. It uses a combination of unique sizers that fits over breast, giving a more accurate estimate of volume than simply trialing breast implants of various shapes in your bra.


Vectra 3D Imaging

Finally we perform a virtual breast augmentation procedure to give you a preview of how your breast will look after surgery. The VECTRA 3D camera produces a three-dimensional photograph of your torso and breasts. Using the advanced Sculptor software we are able to manipulate the image to give a preview of what your breasts may look like after surgery. It also gives you the ability to compare various size implants in a side-by-side comparison to give you ultimate control over selection of the implants so you can have confidence in your implant selection is right for you.



Round Implants

A round breast implant is ideal for those with:
•  Natural breasts shape
•  Desire definition or enhancement of the upper poles of their breasts
•  Concerned about risk of implant rotation

Often women are concerned of an overly augmented or fake appearance with round implants, however with an appropriately chosen moderate profile implant this will give a very natural, beautiful shaped breast especially when placed in a subpectoral location. Round breast implants continue to be the most common used implants worldwide.

Mentor Breast Implants Round
Round Breast Implants

Anatomical Implants

An anatomical or teardrop breast implant is ideal for those with:
•  Mild breast ptosis (droopy)
•  Breast asymmetry (tuberous breasts)
•  Lower positioned breast (long nipple to clavicle distance)
•  Desire for less fullness of the upper pole for a very natural result

Anatomical Breast Implants
Anatomical Breast Implants



•  Smooth implants feel softer
•  Require a smaller incision than textured implants
•  Only are available in a round shape
•  Lowest risk for ALCL


•  Available in round and anatomical shapes
•  Reduced risk of implant malposition & capsular contraction
•  Firmer gel for improved shape longevity
•  Increased risk of ALCL with macrotextured implants
Smooth and Textured Breast Implants

Polyurethane coated breast implants?

Polyurethane coated implants have been very effective in reducing the risk of capsular contracture (1-2% vs 4-5+%) in women undergoing breast augmentation surgery. The downside to polyurethane implants are they feel much firmer than modern smooth and textured silicone breast implants, which means many women can feel the edge of the implant and they give an unnatural feel to the breast.

One of the biggest advantage of polyurethane coated implants is they aren’t affected by rotation or malposition due to the firm adherence between the breast pocket and the implant, so may be recommended in patients undergoing complex revision breast implant surgery.


motiva-implants-logo-purple-large-2000pxDr Turner is one of only a few selected plastic surgery clinics in Australia to offer the next generation of silicone breast implants, the new nano-textured breast implant by Motiva.

Some of the many benefits of the next generation nano-textured implants are:
•  True Monobloc construction
•  BlueSeal for visual barrier layer indicator
•  Next generation silicone gel for most natural look and feel
•  Nano-textured surface to reduce risk of capsular contraction & ALCL
•  Q inside technology – electronic serial number for improved safety
•  Ergonomix round implants which mimic anatomical shape without risk of rotation or implant firmness – Click to Learn More Motiva Ergonomix Implants



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