Hybrid Breast Augmentation Sydney – Implants with Fat Grafting

Breast Implants With Fat Transfer – Hybrid Breast Augmentation Sydney by Dr Turner

Hybrid Breast Enhancement, also known as Composite Breast Augmentation, is achieved by combining breast augmentation surgery using breast implants with additional fat transfer to the breast. 

This cutting-edge approach to breast augmentation surgery represents the latest advancement, combining implants and fat transfer to achieve outcomes that surpass the natural and aesthetic results of traditional breast augmentation procedures. Particularly in individuals with limited breast tissue, the inclusion of fat transfer contributes to a genuine breast contour and cleavage. This hybrid breast augmentation method doesn’t solely rely on implants, providing a more holistic solution.

In recent times, the trend of employing larger implants for breast augmentation has shifted. Instead, smaller implants are paired with your body’s own fat in what is now known as hybrid breast augmentation, resulting in a sophisticated technique that offers remarkable results.

Utilising your own fat through techniques like fat transfer, fat injection, or fat grafting, involves the collection, processing, and reinjection of the body’s natural resource. This approach allows you to repurpose stubborn fat deposits from other areas of your body, simultaneously enhancing breast shape and size while refining your overall body contour.

How does Fat Transfer to Breasts work?

Through the technique of Liposuction, fat is harvested by gently suctioning out pockets of fat from various areas of your body. This extracted fat is skilfully injected into your breasts, elevating their contour and imparting a fuller appearance. This procedure has an exceptionally high patient satisfaction rate and stands as an ideal choice if you seek a discreet and authentically natural augmentation of your breast size. Notably straightforward, this process can eliminate the need for incorporating breast implants into your body, however, this does depend on the size you would like to achieve. 

Benefits of Hybrid Breast Augmentation Surgery 

  • Minimal scarring is a characteristic of the procedure.  
  • Enhance your body proportions by refining the appearance of both your breasts and cleavage. Enhanced cleavage lines can be achieved with selective fat transfer along the medial edge of the breast implant.  
  • Eliminate stubborn excess fat from donor sites that traditional fat removal methods struggle to address, then skilfully redistribute this fat to areas requiring additional volume. Improved upper pole fullness can be achieved with fat transfer to the breast. 
  • Enjoy the advantages of reduced risks and shorter recovery times compared to implant-based breast enlargement methods. As stem cells also get transferred to the breast along with fat tissues, this leads to a good and healthy skin tone. 
  • Fat transfer may be an opportunity to correct an asymmetry while also using symmetrical implants, avoiding the implants dropping at different rates.
  • If you choose to just utilise fat grafting, without an implant, you will experience a subtle and naturally enhanced breast size increase by approximately one cup size

Am I a good candidate for a Hybrid Breast Augmentation? 

  • You have reasonable expectations about the results of the surgery. 
  • You are in a good state of physical and mental health.
  • Individuals who want to enhance the appearance of their cleavage.
  • You are looking for a subtle enhancement without using implants.
  • Or, you are looking for a more considerable enhancement of your breasts by utilising both implants and fat grafting. 
  • Patients who would like a more natural outcome from their breast augmentation.
  • You have areas of fat that Dr Turner can transfer to your breasts. 

Hybrid BA – Breast Implant with Fat Transfer Before and After Photos

before and after fat transfer to breast - Hybrid BA - breast fat transfer Sydney Dr-Turner_Sydney
before and after fat transfer to breast - Hybrid BA - breast fat transfer Sydney Dr-Turner_Sydney

The information provided is for general purposes only, it is not intended to replace a professional consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon. Invasive procedures carry inherent risks and potential complications which will be discussed in detail. Results vary and should be used only as a guide as every client is unique, which is why a second opinion is advisable. Learn more at, https://drturner.com.au

What is involved in a Fat Transfer procedure?

Breast augmentation by fat transfer is a cosmetic surgical procedure that both increases and enhances the shape and size of the breasts using fat cells from various parts of the body where they are in surplus. It is an effective way of transferring unwanted fat from your body to the breast. This procedure involves liposuction, a process to remove fat cells from various parts of your body, like the stomach, hips, thighs, or buttocks, or area where there is excess fat, and inject them into the breasts enhancing the size and look of your breast.

It takes more time than a traditional breast augmentation technique and may take anywhere from two to three hours to complete. It takes more time as the removed fat must be cautiously stored, refined, and re-injected correctly into the breasts for an aesthetic and natural-looking result. Numerous small inconspicuous incisions are made for the procedure, so the scarring associated is usually minimal.

A Hybrid Breast Augmentation Procedure usually follows the various stages below:

  1. Anaesthesia

Dr Turner will recommend the best anaesthetic considering your health condition to make the procedure more convenient.

  1. Liposuction 

Small, inconspicuous incisions are made around the predetermined target site from where fat is to be removed. Local anaesthetics are injected around the site to reduce discomfort and bleeding. A thin cannula is inserted through the incision and moved in a back-and-forth motion to make the fat cells loose and dislodge them. These dislodged fat cells are suctioned out with the help of a syringe attached to the cannula, and the small incisions are stitched.

  1. Fat Purification and Transfer 

The extracted fat is then concentrated and carefully transferred through a special technique by Dr Turner. His technique is a fat purification and transfer technique that removes excess components from the extracted fat. Dr Turner uses this technique as it provides long-term retention of your grafted fats. 

  1. Insertion of Breast Implants

If you have chosen to include breast implants as part of your breast augmentation procedure, Dr Turner will use the Keller Funnel technique to insert the prosthesis and continue to suture up the small incisions. 

  1. Fat Injections to Breast 

The purified fat will then be deposited in the predetermined area of your breast in a 4-step process. Under local anaesthetic, fat cells will be injected superficially into the tissues rich in blood supply through multiple small inconspicuous incisions. A rich supply of blood is crucial for fat survival as the extracted fat cells will not have a blood supply of their own. The injection needle is inserted and withdrawn from the area multiple times. Each time Dr Turner withdraws the cannula, a layer of fat is deposited in the natural planes of your tissue. After the desired breast size and shape are achieved, the incisions are sealed and the site of the fat graft is dressed.

  1. Post-op recovery 

After the surgery, you may develop discomfort and soreness at both sites of the liposuction and your breasts, which will gradually fade away over a few days.

You may require overnight admission to the hospital to monitor your condition after the procedure; the doctor will prescribe your prescriptions to reduce post-operative distress and soreness.

Recovery after Hybrid Breast Augmentation Surgery 

At the completion of your surgery, Dr Turner will apply dressings to the incision site to aid wound healing. All sutures used self-dissolve, so no post-op suture removal is necessary. You will be placed in a surgical garment in the recovery room when you are fully awake and comfortable. It is important to wear the garment full-time for the first month to assist in wound healing and settling of the new breast shape. You must rest and heal in a calm and relaxing environment for proper recovery. Physical movements should be minimal and demanding activities should be abstained.

Patients report mild postoperative pain, which is treated with oral medication. You will be given a prescription for pain management. Have someone fill the prescription, drive you home and take care of you as you recover during the first few days after your surgery.

You can return to your normal activities at a slow and gradual pace. You may be back to work as soon as one week after hybrid breast augmentation surgery and may begin light exercise at two weeks. Most activities can be resumed fully at six weeks following your procedure.

If your pain has subsided, you can resume driving after two weeks of the surgery. Breast massages should be avoided for the initial few weeks following the surgery as they may dislodge the transferred fat cells in the breasts.

It is requested; to avoid smoking during the recovery phase (at least three weeks) as it is associated with delayed wound healing and may destroy the fat cells. It would be best to avoid smoking completely as it impairs the implanted fat cells eliciting various inflammatory reactions. Usually, complete recovery and final results of the procedure will be noticeable after about twelve weeks.

You will have an appointment to see Dr Turner within the first week after surgery to check that your wounds are healing as expected and to review your new breast shape. Dr Turner will see you frequently over the first year to monitor your progress and will give you advice on scar management, wearing garments and resuming normal activities.

It is extremely important to your final result that you follow all post-operative instructions given to you by Dr Turner.

Risks and Complications of Hybrid Breast Augmentation Surgery 

Hybrid breast augmentation surgery is generally regarded as a safe procedure, but with any surgery, there are risks and potential complications. The potential risks and complications of Hybrid BA will be well discussed with Dr Turner during your consultation. You will get information and advice about how to reduce your risks before the procedure.

Further reading and medical references:

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Your Hybrid BA Consultation with Dr Turner

The first step is to secure a consultation with a qualified and skilled specialist plastic surgeon. During your meeting, you should discuss which procedure will be best for your aesthetic goals. You should also discuss with your surgeon your expectations and take feedback on what best suits your body’s anatomy.

At the consultation, Dr Turner will discuss with you the procedure, preparations, recovery, and costs of the procedure. You can also enquire about specific aspects of hybrid breast augmentations i.e.,

  • The Fat Transfer technique and benefits
  • Are you a suitable candidate to undergo this procedure?
  • What should you do to get the best result?
  • What surgical procedure best fits you?
  • How long will the recovery period last?
  • What to expect your hybrid breast augmentation to look like over time?

Hybrid BA FAQs – Questions  About Combining Implants With Grafting Your Own Fat

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How Much Can Fat Transfer Increase Breast Size?” answer-0=”The size achieved depends upon the amount of fat available and the size of the implant used, however we generally only transfer between 50 to 125mls of fat per breast. The breast size also increases on gaining weight following the surgery.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Does All The Fat Graft Survive?” answer-1=”The graft survival largely depends upon the surgeon’s level of expertise, fat harvesting technique, and processing of the liposuction aspirate. The survival is increased if it is harvested under low pressure than the standard high pressure used for liposuction. The harvested fat should be processed to remove blood and cellular debris and injected with a small cannula using a technique of multiple injections as fat cells will have more chance of acquiring vascular connection to survive and grow. Generally around 70% of the injected fat graft will survive long term.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Will Weight Change Affect The Size Of My Breast?” answer-2=”The answer is yes. Your breast fat cells will behave just like other fat cells in your body. On gaining weight, your breast size will also increase accordingly. Just like that, if you lose weight, your breast size will also decrease.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Can I Swap My Old Breast Implant For My Fat?” answer-3=”Yes, this is becoming a more popular option, however depending on the size of your old implants, this may require multiple procedures.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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