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Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia in a fully accredited hospital with the assistance of a qualified anaesthetist. The operation takes between two and three hours to perform and generally you are discharged home the same day– no overnight stay required. Occasionally patients may be be required to stay overnight in hospital.


While many women desire a breast lift to restore that youthful breast shape and cleavage, they remain hesitant due to the need to place scars on their breasts. Dr Turner understands your concerns … that’s why we offer the latest techniques – with a minimal amount of scarring – to give you your ideal breast shape.

There are three skin incision patterns for breast lift, this is based on the amount of skin that needs to be removed, the distance the nipple needs to be lifted and the quality of the supporting breast tissue.

The incision type used depends on:
1.  The amount of skin that needs to be removed
2.  The distance the nipple needs to be lifted
3.  The amount of breast tissue which needs to be removed

Breast Lift Surgery - Ptosis Classification


Periareolar (Benelli)

Breast Lift Surgery - Benelli or Periareolar Breast Lift Scar
• Incision goes around the areola only.
• This is limited to women who require small lifts (grade I) of the nipple (1 cm to 2cm). If women require more lift, this technique can cause abnormal flattening of the breast contour and so the lollipop technique is used.

Circumvertical (Lollipop)

Breast Lift Surgery - Lollipop Breast Lift Scar
• Incision goes around the areola and vertically down the inferior aspect of the breast.
• This is the most common lift performed by Dr Turner performs as it gives the best shape (grade II), enhances projection of the breast with minimal scars.



Inverted T (Anchor)

Breast Lift Surgery - Anchor Breast Lift Scar
• Incision around the nipple-areola complex, vertically down to the breast crease and horizontally along the breast fold
• In patients with significant amount of excess skin or very deflated breast (grade III) it is often necessary to add the extra scar to give an ideal breast shape.



While scars are permanent and are noticeable initially after surgery, with time as the scars mature they fade and are barely perceptible. Dr Turner will advise you on scar treatments to assist you get the best scar possible. We often recommend cosmetic tattooing over the scar around the areola to give the best cosmetic result available


A breast lift surgery will improve the shape and firmness of a droopy and deflated breast. However, as their is often a large amount of skin removed during your breast lift procedure, especially those women with significant breast ptosis your new breast shape will be often smaller in bra cup size. Also for women with little volume in the cleavage area, a breast lift alone is not going to improve or enhance your cleavage. So for those women we frequently recommend adding a breast implant at the same time, augmentation mastopexy or breast lift with implants to give you the enhanced cleavage with a fuller, rounder breast shape that you always desired.


At the completion of your surgery Dr Turner will apply a specialized dressing to aid wound healing and this remains on for the first 3 weeks after surgery. You will be placed into a surgical garment in the recovery room when you are fully awake and comfortable. It is important to wear the garment full time for the first six weeks to assist wound healing and settling of the new breast shape. Very infrequently we may require a drain to be placed in each breast to drain off excess blood and fluids for the first day or two.

You are able to take the garment of for short periods of time while at home and shower over the dressings the very next day.

Patients report minor post-operative pain, which is treated with oral medication. You will be given a prescription for pain management and antibiotics. Have someone fill the prescription, drive you home and take care of you as you recover during the first few days after your surgery.

You can return to your normal activities at a slow and gradual pace. You may be back to work as soon as one week after breast lift surgery and may begin light exercise at two weeks. Most activities can be resumed fully at six weeks following your procedure.

You will have an appointment to see Dr Turner within the first week after surgery to check that your wounds are healing as expected and to review your new breast shape. Dr Turner will see you frequently over the first year to monitor your progress and will give you advice on scar management, wearing garments and resuming normal activities.

It is extremely important to your final result that you follow all post-operative instructions given to you by Dr Turner.

As with any surgery, it is important that you are fully informed of the potential risks associated with breast lift surgery. While all care is taken to minimize these complications, they may and do occur despite the best medical care.


It is important that you carefully read and understand the potential risks and they will be discussed in further detail when you have your consultation with Dr Turner.

Some risks are more likely to occur than others:

General risks associated with Surgery

• Wound breakdown and delayed healing
• Postoperative infection
• Bleeding or haematoma
• Poor Scarring including keloid scars
• Blood clots in legs or lungs
• Revision surgery to correct or improve outcome

Specific risks associated with Breast Lift Surgery

• Partial or total loss of the nipple and/or areola
• Loss of sensation to the nipple
• Breast asymmetry
• Inability to breast feeding
• Lumpiness or fat necrosis


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