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Inverted nipples are a result of shortened and tight breast duct tissue. Nipple inversion refers to an imbalance in muscle traction, where the strength of the outer muscle is insufficient in comparison to that of the inner muscle. The inner muscle may be longer and have substantial traction, causing the nipple to remain retracted.
Many individuals experience nipples that are inverted periodically and invariably. There may be some mild asymmetry associated with inverted nipples; where one nipple may be more noticeable than the other. Inverted nipples may also be inverted to the same extent in both breasts.


Inverted nipples are ordinarily caused by:

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Significant and rapid weight loss
Ptosis, Breast Drooping
Recurrent breast infections or inflammations (abscesses, mastitis, or mammary duct ectasia)
Padget’s Disease, Breast cancer, Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Syndrome evident at birth and genetic variants


Nipple correction surgery can apply to both men and women. This type of surgery corrects problems associated with asymmetry, enlargement, protrusion, and inversion of the nipples.

Nipple reconstruction surgery can render a solution for women who have no nipple following a mastectomy.There are various procedures for correcting the nipple area, these include skin grafting, cartilage and tissue flaps, and tattooing.

Nipple reconstruction surgery can be performed independently or in conjunction with other breast surgery procedures such as breast augmentations.

The particulars of your nipple surgery will rely upon what aspect of your areolas or nipples appearance requires amendment. An incision is made in the areola or nipple. Excess skin may be removed at this stage if you are undergoing surgery to rectify an enlarged nipple. Nipple reduction surgery can shorten nipple width, length or both.

Inverted nipples are treated via making an incision at the base of the areola or nipple, lifting and suturing the tissue into a new position.


The best candidtes for nipple correction surgery are individuals with:

Indented or inverted nipples
Asymmetric nipples
Enlarged nipples
Enlarged or puffy areolas


In general, the most common benefit of nipple correction treatment or surgery is the relief from negative self-esteem and embarrassment caused by your appearance. Women seek nipple correction surgery so they can feel more confident in intimacy and in other situations, such as when using public change rooms.


The recovery process for a nipple correction procedure is generally very rapid, involving few side effects. Mild discomfort may be experienced around the nipple area. There may be also be modest bruising and swelling evident around the operative site for some weeks after your surgery subject to your activity.

You may encounter reduction in nipple sensation and temporary numbness as a result of the procedure. These minor side effects will subside after a few days and are considered normal.

The majority of patients are able to return to work after several days, in some circumstances it may be the day following your surgery. Strenuous exercise should be avoided for approximately 7-10 days after your procedure.


The operated areas will be protected with a sterile dressing. These dressings will be removed after 5-7 days, at this time the wounds will be gently cleaned and inspected to ensure you are recovering accordingly.

Post operative clothing will be advised depending upon the type of nipple correction surgery conducted. For example, a padded bra for inverted nipple surgery and a pressure garment for .

Following the procedure, firm pink scars will be evident for at least six weeks. These scars may remain the same size for approximately two months and may fade after a two year period.


Complications from nipple correction surgery are rare, but may involve, nerve damage, scarring, bruising, bleeding and infection. The most significant side effect to consider after nipple correction surgery is your ability to breastfeed. Ordinarily there are no variances to nipple sensitivity, with sensation generally remaining as it was preceding surgery.


The extent of scarring from inverted nipple surgery relies on the patients healing ability and general condition of the skin. Dr Turner may govern the scarring via the incision size and technique used for the procedure.


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