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Brow Lift Surgery

Brow Lift Surgery

Brow lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia in a fully accredited hospital with the assistance of a qualified anaesthetist. Expect the operation to take between two and three hours, and you are discharged the same day.

The brow lift technique and incision location depends not only on your aesthetic goal but individual patient features. The traditional open brow lift technique requires a long incision within the hair-bearing scalp. This gives excellent access to remove excess skin, modify the underlying muscles that cause frown lines and lift your eyebrows to a more youthful level. The minimal incision lateral browlift requires a small incision either at the hairline or within the hair-bearing scalp in the temporal area, it is excellent at elevating the outer part of the brow which is most frequently affected by aging. The endoscopic brow lift technique has become increasingly popular because it is less invasive with only three to five small incisions in the hair-bearing scalp for the endoscope to gain access to elevate the brow, however is not suitable for all patients.

After your brow lift surgery

After your brow lift surgery, you will need to elevate the head for several days in order to reduce swelling. Temporary bruising and numbness may be present after surgery, however this should fade within a few days. Bruising around the lower eyelid area may last for up to two weeks. As with ear reshaping, nose surgery and other facial procedures, medication is prescribed to help control any pain and discomfort.

At 1 week after your brow lift surgery you return to Dr Turner’s office and your wounds are reviewed. Here, you begin to see the results of your despite some initial swelling. Dr Turner will remove any sutures present and will tell you how to care for your wound.

After a brow lift, we recommend relaxing for a week or two to allow healing. Most people are able to resume normal activities after this time. You are able to wash your hair after two days.

Risks associated with brow lift surgery

As with any surgery, it is important that you are fully informed of the potential risks associated with brow lift surgery. While all care is taken to minimize these complications, they may and do occur despite the best medical care.

It is important that you carefully read and understand the potential risks and they will be discussed in further detail when you have your consultation with Dr Turner.

Some risks are more likely to occur than others:

Risks associated with surgery

• Swelling
• Infection
• Bruising / haematoma
• Revision surgery to correct or improve outcome

Specific risks associated with Brow Lift Surgery

• Pigmentation changes
• Poor Scarring
• Ptosis
• Asymmetry


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