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Male Cosmetic Surgery for Men in Newcastle & Sydney

In recent decades many men have come to this conclusion as male plastic surgery procedures have become far more common and cosmetic surgery procedures on men are now much more accepted.

You may need Dr Turner’s professional assistance to enhance your masculinity, minimise aesthetic flaws or rejuvenate your overall appearance.

As men age, their bodies undergo subtle changes. Fat accumulates creating jowls under the chin, love handles and abdominal bulges where that trim waist once was. Gravity, weight fluctuations, smoking, alcohol, stress and fatigue all take their toll, causing drooping and sagging skin.

Whether you’re considering abdominoplasty, a facelift procedure, skin or other male cosmetic surgery and body treatments, contact our professional team at Dr Scott Turner today.

• Male Breast Reduction (Gynaecomastia or Gyno)

• Male Face Lift or Neck lift

• Male Blepharoplasty or Eyelid LIft Surgery

• Male Rhinoplasty or Nose Job


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