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Blepharoplasty for Men

Male Eyelid Lift – Blepharoplasty in Newcastle & Sydney NSW

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a procedure that many men choose in order to revitalize their faces and achieve a more youthful and alert appearance. If people often ask you if you are tired, or assume you are much older than you actually are, you may want to consider blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty in men needs to be carefully tailored for men with a more conservatively approach than in women to give a natural-looking result making the patient appear more attractive, younger and refreshed without any tell-tale signs of surgery or feminization.

Men’s eyebrows are generally flat across their foreheads without the typical arching or tapering that is typical of women’s eyebrows, which is something that must be taken into account considering the amount of loose skin on the eyelids. As men get older the upper lid develops a hooding of skin combined with bulging fat that can produce a heaviness of the eyelid. There are cases when this can actually affect your vision. The effects of aging of the lower eyelid is when the support tissues thin out and produce bulging lower lid fat and excess of skin leaving many males looking constantly tired.

Why should one gender only enjoy all the positives of modern plastic surgery procedures?
Dr Scott Turner MBBS(Hon), BSc, MS, FRACS(Plast)


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