Alarplasty or Nostril Surgery Sydney NSW

Alarplasty or Nostril Reduction Surgery by Dr Scott Turner in Sydney NSW

Nostril Surgery known as Alarplasty or Alar Base Reduction can help improve wide nostrils or nostrils that don’t suit your face. This nostril procedure is done by Dr Scott Turner FRACS (Plas) in Sydney NSW. He can help reshape and reposition your nostrils so they balance your face, giving you a younger, refreshed look.

What is an Alarplasty?

Alarplasty or alar trimming is a surgical procedure that reduces the size and width of your nostrils, leaving your nose and your face aesthetically pleasing. The Alarplasty procedure is best done under general anaesthesia, and it is frequently combined with other surgical procedures, such as septoplasty or nose reshaping surgery. Alarplasty is one of the most common nose procedures in people of ethnicity and those who are not happy with how their nose fits their face. Dr Scott Turner can help you achieve narrower nostrils for a more balanced face.

What Are The Benefits Of Nostril Surgery?

Nose surgery or alarplasty has many benefits to offer to patients with wide noses or wide nostrils:

  • Improved looks of the nose
  • Symmetrical nostrils
  • Improved function of the nose – easier breathing
  • Better facial balance – alarplasty restores the proportions of your face
  • Improved self-esteem – knowing that your nose matches your face and hiding your interior nose

Most Alarplasty patients are very happy with the results and say that not having a too-wide nose significantly improves their social and romantic life.

About the Alarplasty Procedure

After the initial consultation Dr Scott Turner, may suggest a nostril reduction procedure. Once in the surgical theatre, Dr Turner will mark exactly where the incisions go. As many surgeons agree, proper planning is the key to a successful alarplasty procedure since knowing the face’s contours and proportions is crucial for a better-looking nose.

Once the markings are in place, he will proceed to remove a wedge of the nostrils at the very base of the nose. This way, the incisions will be hidden by the face’s natural contour and will be unnoticeable. Dr Turner will then remove the wedge of the nostril tissue and continue with the sutures. The entire Alarplasty procedure usually takes less than 1 hour.

Dr Scott Turner, will place the sutures both inside and outside the nostril. The internal sutures are long-lasting absorbable sutures and will fall off on their own after several weeks or even months. The external sutures will stay in place for one to two weeks and will fall off on their own as well. In most Alarplasty procedures, there is no need for the surgeon to remove the sutures, which significantly improves the aftercare and reduces any discomfort that you may feel. You will be released that same day.

Recovery After Alarplasty

Alarplasty recovery is short, and there is almost no discomfort. This is why the nostril reduction procedure is one of the most sought-after nose plastic procedures. What you can expect during nostril reduction recovery:

  • After 24-48 hours, you will be able to return to your everyday duties,
  • After a week, your specialized plastic surgeon will remove the sutures if they are non-dissolvable sutures for alarplasty. If they are self-dissolvable, they will fall off on their own.
  • After 10-14 days, most alarplasty patients return to work,
  • After two weeks, you can resume exercise and almost all activities,
  • After one month, you can return to more strenuous activities, such as lifting and swimming.

Your Alarplasty recovery timeline may differ. Always consult your surgeon with any concerns you may have.

Minimising Scars After Alarplasty

To minimize scars after Alarplasty, you should:

  • Take good care of your mind and body avoid an unhealthy diet, smoking, excessive alcohol drinking.
  • Having too much nose movement in the few days after nostril reduction surgery can have detrimental effect on your optimal recovery and your scar.
  • Keep the scar clean and well moisturized.
  • Use a silicone-based scar cream
  • Use SPF 30+ whenever you head out. Do not expose the scar to direct sunlight.

Am I A Good Candidate For Nostril Surgery?

You may be a good candidate for nose surgery if you:

  • Do not have problems with the internal function of your nose
  • Are satisfied with the look of your face but have wide or narrow nostrils
  • You think that the inside of your nostrils can be seen during a conversation or when you smile or laugh
  • You think that your nostrils are too wide and would like to reduce them
  • You are a non-smoker or are willing to quit several weeks before and after your alarplasty

Alarplasty Sydney Costs & Prices – How Much Is Alarplasty In Sydney?

An Alarplasty procedure can cost you anywhere from A$4000 upwards. Beware having very cheap nose surgery, since some nose surgeries are often done in less-than-ideal conditions and by medical staff that are underqualified and not permitted to operate in accredited private hospitals and surgical theatres,

Cheap plastic surgery done overseas may not be the best solution for you. Not knowing the language, the medical, and the legal system of a country can compromise your Alarplasty results and even put your life at risk. Alarplasty offshore may be cheap and affordable, but the complications and deformities that may appear may not be solved even by the most experienced plastic surgeon. Some things cant be fixed in revision surgery.

Dr Scott Turner is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is also FRACS (Plas) accredited with ample experience in Alarplasty. With over 2000 plastic surgeries in his career, Dr Scott Turner offers quality care and alarplasty expertise.

For an estimate of your own Alarplasty price in Sydney or Newcastle please phone 1300 437758 –  contact Dr Turner’s team or download the Price Guide on the Pricing page.

Funding Your Alarplasty – Nostril Surgery

Since alarplasty is considered elective cosmetic surgery, it is typically not covered by Medicare and most insurance. Dr Scott Turner offers Alarplasty Payment Plans & Medical Finance for Surgery in Newcastle and Sydney NSW. Contact the team today to get a quote on your nostril reduction surgery.

FAQs about Nostril Surgery

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Can my nostrils be made smaller?” answer-0=”Yes, your nostrils can be made smaller. Dr Scott Turner can make your nostrils smaller or narrower using alarplasty or nostril reduction surgery. This surgical procedure has a short recovery time and yields satisfying results for your nostril reduction.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How can I reduce the size of my nose?” answer-1=”There are two ways to reduce your nose: <ul><li><strong>Alarplasty -</strong> makes the nostrils smaller by removing extra skin and underlying tissue from your nostrils,</li> <li><strong>Rhinoplasty -</strong> removes the dorsal hump and corrects the shape of the nose by means of bone shaving and cartilage reduction.</li></ul> Consult your specialized plastic surgeon today to see which nose-reduction procedure is the right procedure for you.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What is the difference between rhinoplasty and alarplasty?” answer-2=”Both rhinoplasty and alarplasty are surgical procedures that remove some of the nose tissue. Rhinoplasty removes the supporting bone and cartilage utilizing an incision placed across your columella – a well-hidden spot. A rhinoplasty can change the shape and the projection of your nose. An alarplasty removes the excess skin and tissues from your nostrils through small incisions in the crevice where the nostril meets the cheek. It does not address the dorsal hump but can rather make your nose more narrow.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Is Alarplasty cheaper than rhinoplasty?” answer-3=”Yes, an alarplasty is cheaper than rhinoplasty because it is a less invasive procedure. Alarplasty usually lasts up to an hour, while a rhinoplasty usually lasts some 3-4 hours. An alarplasty can be done under local anaesthesia, while a rhinoplasty is mostly done under general anaesthesia.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”Does alarplasty affect breathing?” answer-4=”A well-done alarplasty will not affect your breathing. Your alarplasty surgeon should be able to properly assess how much of the nostril tissue they should remove to both: <ul><li>Give you satisfying alarplasty results,</li> <li>Preserve the primary function of the nose (breathing).</li></ul>” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”How is alar base reduction done?” answer-5=”During the alar base reduction or alar base rhinoplasty, Dr Scott Turner will administer the anaesthetic, make the markings and remove a wedge-like piece of the tissue from your nostrils. After this, the surgeon will apply sutures to the incision place and close the incision. You will go home an hour or so after the surgery with a reshaped nose.” image-5=”” headline-6=”h3″ question-6=”How is alarplasty done?” answer-6=”Alarplasty or an alar base reduction surgery is a surgical procedure that removes some extra tissues from the nostrils. This is done to make your nostrils narrower and to bring a new balance to your face.” image-6=”” headline-7=”h3″ question-7=”Is alar base reduction permanent?” answer-7=”Yes, an alar base reduction is permanent. The tissues that your specialized plastic surgeon, Dr Scott Turner, removes in an alar base reduction procedure are gone for good. However, your nose will keep aging and may experience some change in shape and size as the years pass.” image-7=”” headline-8=”h3″ question-8=”Is Alarplasty part of rhinoplasty?” answer-8=”In general, no, but alarplasty is often added to or combined with a rhinoplasty. These two surgeries can be combined for remarkable results and a truly reshaped nose. A rhinoplasty can make your nose narrower, and the base and an alarplasty procedure can make your nostrils smaller.” image-8=”” headline-9=”h3″ question-9=”What should you not do after Alarplasty?” answer-9=”After your alarplasty procedure, there are things to avoid during the recovery stage: <ul><li><strong>Strenuous activity -</strong> it increases the chances for bleeding and infection,</li><li><strong>Sexual activity -</strong> since it increases blood pressure and heart rate,</li><li><strong>Doing any dangerous activity, where your nose may suffer trauma,</strong></li><li><strong>Blowing your nose </strong>- until your surgeon says it is OK to do so,</li><li><strong>Exposure to direct sunlight</strong> – since it may increase scarring and prolong the recovery time.</li></ul>” image-9=”” headline-10=”h3″ question-10=”How long does Alarplasty take to heal?” answer-10=”An alarplasty heals very quickly. The initial bruising and swelling will be gone within a week or so after the procedure. You can return to work some 10-14 days after your alarplasty.” image-10=”” headline-11=”h3″ question-11=”Does alarplasty hurt?” answer-11=”No, alarplasty is generally a painless procedure. During your alar base reduction, you will receive either an anaesthetic or a combination of anaesthetic and sedative to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. After the procedure, your surgeon can either administer a local, long-term painkiller (effective up to 72 hours) or prescribe you pain relievers.” image-11=”” headline-12=”h3″ question-12=”How much does Alar surgery cost?” answer-12=”In general, alarplasty Australia prices vary. Expect to pay anywhere from A$4000 for your Alarplasty procedure. Beware of cheap nose surgery procedures since they may cause more trouble than good and often come at the compromised quality of the procedure.” image-12=”” count=”13″ html=”true” css_class=””]

Surgeries that can be combined with Alarplasty

Alarplasty is a surgical procedure that takes around an hour to complete. To best utilize anaesthesia and recovery time, many nostril surgery patients combine an Alarplasty with other nose surgery like Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty or Turbinoplasty.

Surgical procedures on other nearby body parts are also popular – facelift, brow lift and eyelid surgery. Always consult Dr Scott Turner for top advice on which surgical and non-surgical procedures can be combined with Alarplasty to make the best use of your time and money.

Planning Your Alarplasty Patient Journey & Nose Consultation

The first and the most important thing in planning your Alarplasty patient journey is finding the best nose surgeon. Your surgeon should be a FRACS surgeon who specializes in nose surgeries. They should have ample experience in the field and properly assess your case and suggest the appropriate nostril reduction method suited to your case. Dr Scott Turner is a FRACS (Plas) surgeon with over 2000 plastic surgeries in his career. He has spent years acquiring education and surgical expertise and can now deliver that experience in Newcastle and Sydney NSW.

The next logical step is scheduling the initial consultation with Dr Turner. He will ask you questions about your medical history and your family medical history. You should be able to clearly state your Alarplasty goals and what kind of change you want to see in your face.

Once the procedure is scheduled, you should take good care of your body and nose. A healthy body and a stress-free environment can decrease the nostril reduction recovery time and improve the results.

Who is the Best Nostril Surgery Surgeon In Sydney NSW?

To find the best alar reduction surgeon in New South Wales, you should be looking for:

  • A specialist plastic surgeon with an aesthetic focus
  • A surgeon with ample experience in nose and nostril surgery
  • A surgeon who can do multiple nose surgeries, such as septoplasty, turbinectomy, rhinoplasty, etc
  • A surgeon who can operate in proper accredited surgical theatres in a private hospital
  • A surgeon with a great support team can address any complications that may arise during your alarplasty procedure and alarplasty aftercare.

Looking for alarplasty before and after photos, nostril reduction reviews and experiences can give you a better idea of what your specialized plastic surgeon should be able to do.

Why Choose Dr Scott Turner?

Dr Scott Turner FRACS (Plas) is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon with a lot of experience in nose surgery. With the right qualifications and many satisfied patients, he is the best surgeon for your alar reduction procedure. His knowledge and experience are only some reasons you may want to choose Dr Scott Turner for your nostril reduction surgery.

Alarplasty Glossary

  • Alar – nostril, the lateral covering of the two nose canals that you inhale and exhale through
  • Alarplasty – a surgery that reshapes your nostrils
  • General anaesthesia – a type of anaesthesia that puts you to sleep
  • Local anaesthesia – a type of anaesthesia that numbs a part of your body so you do not feel pain during the surgical procedure
  • Sedation – a medicine administered intravenously or inhaled to keep you in an almost-asleep, ‘twilight’ state
  • Incision – the cut that the surgeon makes to open or remove tissues
  • Sutures – threads that your specialized plastic surgeon uses to close the incision
  • Non-absorbent sutures – sutures that your specialized plastic surgeon removes a week or so after the alarplasty surgery
  • Self-absorbent sutures – sutures that are absorbed by your body; there is no need to remove them since they fall off on their own

Risk & Complications Of Nostril Surgery

As with any surgery, it is important that you are fully informed of the potential risks associated with nose surgery. While all care is taken to minimize these complications, they may and do occur despite the best medical care.

It is important that you carefully read and understand the potential risks and they will be discussed in further detail when you have your consultation with Dr Turner.

You may need a Revision Nose Surgery

In a small but significant number of cases (about 10%) both the patient and surgeon feel the shape of the nose after six months is not quite that which was intended. A second procedure (revision rhinoplasty) may be called for. It is important to remember that the revision surgery cannot be carried out immediately, the nose has to be allowed to settle before further surgery is safe or desirable.

Alarplasty-associated risks included: Infection, Bleeding, Swelling, Bruising, Overt scarring and keloid formation, Tissue necrosis, Adverse reaction to the anaesthetic, etc.

To minimize the risks of alar reduction complications, you should always choose the top nostril surgeon who can operate in hospital-like conditions and has a great support team.

Further Reading about Alarplasty

  1. RealSelf: Alarpasty
  2. Alarplasty (Nasal Base Surgery) – MSPRS
  3. Alarplasty (Narrowing Wide Nostrils): Before and After, Recovery, and Cost

Next Steps

Always Do Your Research

  • Enquire to find out more about your surgery
  • Please read our website to learn more about your intended procedure

Do you need a Medical Referral to see Dr Turner?

  • A GP Referral is required to Consult with Dr Turner (under new AHPRA Regulations)
  • Please obtain a referral from your GP or Specialist if you want a consultation for an MBS item number surgery.
  • Please note that your Medicare Rebates will NOT be claimable without a valid recent Medical Referral

Making The Most Of Your Consultation

  • Please arrive slightly early for your in-person consultation
  • You are welcome to bring a friend or relative to help consider the information and discuss your options
  • Please be aware you may need to undress for a physical exam so wear simple clothes
  • Ensure you also take a lot of notes during the consultation and thoroughly examine all the documents provided

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