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It is natural for patients looking to undergo cosmetic surgery to research not only the procedure but also and more importantly, who is going to be performing that procedure. Research has shown that patients want to read genuine online reviews about the doctor and see before and after photos of their past patients.

Patients want to read Online Reviews about their Doctor – especially Bad Reviews and how the doctor responded

Traditionally, potential patients would seek advice from their friends, family and the trusted local GP in choosing the right surgeon. However, with the rise of the internet and social media, there are now numerous online review sites and forums which now form an increasingly important part of the decision process in selecting the right surgeon. With the quick and easy access to this vast information, it has empowered many people to make more accurate and well-informed decisions for themselves.

While the value of these sites is undisputed in educating patients, we need to highlight that like all things on the internet they are not always factual. Not everything that you read online is genuine feedback based on actual real patient experiences.

AHPRA bans online reviews for doctors websites - Cosmetic-Surgery-Review-Sites - Breast-Surgeon-Reviews

AHPRA Banned reviews and testimonials on Doctor websites

In an attempt to regulate online medical reviews, the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) banned testimonials on all doctors websites from 2010. While this potentially stops clinics from publishing fake and misleading patients reviews, it has created numerous independent review websites that are unregulated with most not even located in Australia. Google hosts doctors reviews and many other websites like Realself, RateMDs, Plastic Surgery Hub (Anybodi Aesthetic) and Cosmetic Journey

Watch out for Fake Online Reviews

 Many cosmetic clinics are known to post fake reviews, both positive and negative (competitor clinic profiles) to boost their business. This has become increasingly more common with online cosmetic forum sites with clinics paying staff/marketing agencies to pretend to be actual patients promoting a particular doctor while discrediting other clinics/surgeons.

Responding to Negative & Bad Reviews

 Some negative reviews are from real patients who did not receive a result that met their expectation (who actually had a very good surgical outcome but had unrealistic expectations) and so write numerous negative reviews to punish their surgeon.

 While most negative reviews are from real patients that may have experienced a real medical complication due to a known risk of the procedure. It is important to highlight that these complications can occur to all surgeons who perform this procedure and nearly all Plastic Surgeons will have some negative reviews online. With patients much more likely to write a review based on the negative outcome than a positive result.

Doctors and surgeons are not allowed to respond to unhappy patient reviews or breach patient privacy with public comments about their case.

About Dr Scott Turner FRACS (Plas) – Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Scott Turner - Top Plastic Surgeon Sydney and Best plastic surgeon Newcastle

Dr Scott J Turner has spent a lifetime acquiring the qualifications, education, training, and hands-on surgical experience to perform superior cosmetic plastic surgery to give you natural, beautiful results and the improved sense of well-being you want. He is one of the top Specialist Plastic Surgeons with a Breast and Body Surgery focus in New South Wales.

Achieving this personal goal requires not only in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and refined surgical techniques but an ongoing commitment to learning the latest procedures around the world. This is why Dr Turner regularly attends both local and international surgeon meetings – discussing these advances with the leaders around the world in order to offer you the most natural, effective and safest surgical procedures. He is a committed board member of ASAPS – Australia Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

Dr Turner and his highly trained staff will do everything to ensure that you are fully informed, while providing exceptional, world-class cosmetic plastic surgery, in a personal and caring environment.

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