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Researching Breast Augmentation Procedure

With the growing popularity of the breast augmentation procedure, more medical practitioners in Australia and overseas offering the procedure. We thought we would take a look at what you really need to look for if you are considering any breast augmentation procedure. Heading online to research a breast augmentation procedure will give you a long […]

Breast Augmentation – Quick Lesson

Breast augmentation surgery is a highly requested procedure of Dr Turner’s, and is incredibly popular worldwide.The modern breast augmentation has come far since it’s humble beginnings on a furry patient called Esmeralda. For a brief history of this popular procedure, it’s best to start with how plastic surgery came about.   In ancient societies in Egypt, Rome, and parts […]

Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation has gained a lot of popularity over the years as a great option for women looking to have a fuller and more desirable breast size. This procedure is known to positively improve women’s self-confidence and self-esteem. This is why breast augmentation is the most common aesthetic procedure performed by Dr Turner. Dr Turner […]

The Keller Funnel 2

The Keller Funnel 2 is a sterile, cone shaped device, which is the latest innovation in breast augmentation surgery allowing a ‘No Touch’ technique to place the breast implant into the surgical pocket during the breast augmentation procedure. Benefits of the Keller Funnel are; Reduced risk of bacterial contamination of the breast implant during placement […]


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