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Insider Guide to Finding a Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust

Plastic surgery is a major decision. Whether you are looking to get a body contouring or facial enhancement procedure, finding the right plastic surgeon is a critical step. It is essential to find a doctor who is highly trained and skilled in the specific procedure that you’d like to have. Just as importantly, it is […]

Patient’s to check doctors credentials

NSW Health is urging people who are considering having minor cosmetic procedures to check the practitioner’s credentials before undergoing treatment. A British survey found a quarter of all people contemplating cosmetic surgery did not know if their surgeon was properly qualified. The report prompted surgeons in Australia to launch an awareness campaign called ‘Think Over […]

Guidelines for Teenage Cosmetic Patients

Teenagers who want cosmetic surgery may have to pass a psychological assessment before going under the knife. The Medical Board of Australia also wants people seeking a procedure to undergo a mandatory cooling-off period before their operation. Under the guidelines proposed by the board, there would be a seven-day waiting period for adults and a […]

Risks associated with Twilight Sedation

Dr Turner does not perform any cosmetic breast surgery under twilight sedation due to the risks associated with large volume of local anaesthetic toxicity associated with twilight sedation Due to recent media reports, we have had a lot of enquiries from patients seeking breast implants regarding twilight sedation and the problems associated with local anaesthetic […]


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