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Does My Vagina Look Normal?

Wondering if your vagina looks normal? You aren’t alone! The number of women talking to plastic surgeons about their vagina, labia, mons pubis, and clitoral hood has skyrocketed in recent years. In fact, the number of labiaplasties alone has increased by 40% just over the past year.

Women are no longer shy to talk abut their genitals. These days, it is okay to ask if your vagina looks normal and to look for solutions that will make you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

What Is a Normal Vagina?

Before we talk about what a normal vagina looks like, let’s discuss a few essential ideas. First of all, let’s acknowledge that we tend to overuse the word vagina in conversations about health. Many people say vagina when they are actually talking about labia. It is important to remember that the vagina is internal whereas the labia is the external visible part. Likewise, there are also two very different common cosmetic surgeries, a labiaplasty and a vaginoplasty.

There’s a good chance that most women have never really given their vagina a good look. While it is something that you can definitely feel, you probably would never notice anything unique in your vagina’s appearance. Your labia, on the other hand, is the body part you are likely more familiar with.

At Labiaplasty Specialist by Dr Turner, the majority of women who come to talk about their genitals are concerned with having a “too large” inner labia. It is very common to see cases where the inner labia are larger than the outer labia. In other words, the inner lips of the genitals hang out beyond the outer labia. During puberty, many women find that the inner labia, also known as the labia minora, grow beyond the outer labia and protrude outward. It’s also very common to see a change in your genitalia after childbirth or simply as you age. Women often get a labiaplasty to create a “cleaner” or “tucked in” look that removes the excess skin from the inner labia.

In terms of what is normal, it is estimated that around one in three women have labia that are considered to be oversized. The vast majority of the time, it’s all about aesthetics and personal preferences. There isn’t one standard appearance when it comes to the vagina or labia. There are situations, however, where large labia can become a medical concern.  Since your labia is very delicate, it can be easily irritated. Women with large labia may find that they can’t wear fitted clothes or do intense exercise without discomfort. In fact, many women may find that they are actually covered for a labiaplasty by their health insurance provider in such cases.

What Is a Labiaplasty Surgery?

Labiaplasty surgery has become one of the most commonly performed procedures by Dr Turner. It is also one of the cosmetic surgeries with the highest rate of patient satisfaction. Countless women have found the procedure to be completely life changing. Think a labiaplasty might be right for you? Here’s what to expect.

On the day of your procedure, you can expect your operation to last one to two hours then you will be taken into a recovery room. Once you are awake and feeling well, you can go home on the same day as your procedure. Following your labiaplasty procedure, the small incisions will quickly heal and you’ll find no reduction in sexual satisfaction or sensation to your clitoris, vagina, or labia.

Want to learn more? Contact Dr Turner to learn more about the procedure and to set up a no-commitment chat about all of the options that are available to you.



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